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10 Amazing Dating Tips For A Successful Blind Date

10 Amazing Dating Tips For A Successful Blind Date

No matter how much blind dates are interesting, there is always a dose of anxiety.

Finally, you are about to meet someone for the first time and they have to like you. I know, it seems like a mission impossible especially because we don’t know what characteristics the other side has.

But don’t worry, here is a list of 10 amazing dating tips that will make your blind date a positive and unforgettable experience.

1. Be flexible

The best thing about blind dates is that you can’t lose too much. You are about to meet someone for the first time and if things don’t go the way you imagined, you can always finish your glass of wine and leave.

The thing is that you need to be flexible about your expectations. If you don’t expect much to happen, in the end, your blind date will go smoothly good for you.

In case things don’t go to the right way, you won’t be disappointed because you didn’t expect something big to happen in the first place. It’s all up to you.

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2. Talk with your date over the phone

Talking over the phone with your date beforehand can make things a lot easier.

You will already break the ice and that first date won’t be so awkward. You will know about each other’s interests and hobbies so you can use those topics on your date.

The most important thing is that there is no awkward silence when the two of you don’t know what to say. So, just relax and enjoy. Remember, this is something you wanted so while you are there, use your time together wisely.

3. Don’t act rudely

Whatever he does, don’t be rude to him. The easiest thing is to be rude about something you don’t like and walk away. Maybe you are missing the chance of your life to be happy.

Before going on a blind date, recharge yourself with positive vibes. Listen to music, or do whatever makes you feel calm. And remember, the first impression is the most important one—so don’t forget to smile.

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Couple sitting at table

4. Talk, talk, talk

I am not saying you should have monologues on a first date but saying your opinion will count.

It will be interesting for him to have a great conversationalist next to him and believe it or not, time will pass by so quickly.

If both of you are similar ages, I bet there are a lot of things you have in common. So, tell jokes, ask him about his interests, about music and movies. This kind of strategy will never fail you.

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5. Don’t talk about sex

Sex is not something you should talk about on a first date. There will be enough time to be open about your sex desires.

Blind dates will make you nervous because you are about to meet someone new, so mentioning sex will make them think you are a horny freak who is only looking to get laid.

Trust me, that is not a label you want to get. Be positive, fun and easygoing. I bet there is no man who could resist a beautiful and sincere smile and enjoyable talk.

6. Don’t be late

Being late is rude. Period. By doing so you are sending the wrong message. It means you don’t respect other people’s time and it is not a big deal if you are late.

Just imagine how your date will feel if he waits for you, checking his watch, and trying to see if you are coming. He is already nervous, so don’t make it worse. Be there on time—I am sure he will know to respect that.

7. Wear comfortable clothes

The main point of a blind date is that you feel comfortable in your skin. So, don’t complicate things by wearing clothes that look on you. Wear something casual, that you feel good in.

The last thing you need on a first date is to check all the time if your skirt is too short or if your fluorescent lipstick is all over your face.

Choose clothes and makeup wisely so the only thing you will have to worry is a topic for your date. Enough said.

Woman at restaurant eating

8. Remember good hygiene

Before you leave your house, double check that you have put on deodorant, brushed your teeth, and are wearing clean clothes.

You don’t want to smell badly on a first date because trust me, that is what your date will remember you for. And no, he won’t call you again—you can sure about that.

9. Don’t run away from an unattractive date

One bad thing about blind dates is that you don’t know if your date will be handsome and good-looking or ugly.

No matter what happens, never leave him because of the way he looks.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Even if he doesn’t look like George Clooney, it doesn’t mean he is not a warm and caring person. So, give him a chance—there is nothing to lose.

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10. Offer to split the bill

Always offer to split the bill and never choose an expensive place where you can’t afford to pay for what you ate. By doing that, you are just showing your date that you are a polite person who has good manners.

Even if he wants to pay it all by himself, it would be nice of you to ask to split the bill. And if it happens that you don’t see him anymore, you will feel good because you don’t owe him anything.

Smart decision, right?