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Girls Like Me Don’t Get To Be Happy

Girls Like Me Don’t Get To Be Happy

Girls like me get lost in this universe. Girls like me struggle to find their places in this world because we refuse to look like every other person.

We hate to be put in a box and we hate to be limited by the times we live in. We hate to be empty or have superficial feelings. We’re ‘go hard or go home’ kind of girls.

We don’t get mean people. The pain of ‘the other’ hurts us, too.

Throughout the whole of high school, we felt like outcasts because we didn’t like bullying or laughing at someone because of a few extra pounds, the funny hairstyle, or the way somebody dressed.

It’s just not fair to laugh at someone for what he is. That’s why high school was hell for us.

People take more from us than they give.

That’s why we often feel used. All the kindness is just sucked out of our bodies because ‘we’re the nice people’. Just because we’re nice doesn’t mean you get to use us.

Just because we smile often doesn’t mean you can invade our happiness. Just because we appear tough doesn’t mean you can leave us broken.

We’re always there for everybody—no matter their value in our lives and yet, in the times of our need, we have few people to rely on. Isn’t that a bit ironic?

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We hate to be ignored because something on your phone is more important than the person sitting next to you.

You have us in real life—you get to ask us whatever the hell you want, you get to laugh in person with us, and you get to be as awkward as it gets and then get over it, but you refuse because you’re too busy staring at your phone.

We’re old souls.

We still believe in love, romance, and what not. We believe there are good people out there—there is a guy who’ll know how to love a woman, there are still printed books that have a unique smell, and there is a warm blanket to touch the body and cup of coffee or glass of wine to touch the soul.

Kindness is everything to us and it’s painful to see it fading from the face of the earth.

We’re always the ones to care and love more.

There is nobody out there willing to compete with us in love. There is nobody to say ‘I love you more’. We don’t even get half of the love we give. It doesn’t even matter if we’re talking about the family, friends, or the guy we’re dating.

People just don’t get our efforts.

We’d sacrifice our own happiness to see people we love happy. We’re often asked ‘Why are you so affected by x events’ or ‘What does it have to do with you?’—and it has everything to do with us. It’s just our empathy thing—we feel everything. And it’s intense.

Girls like me don’t get to be happy because we’re misunderstood.

Because we’re a disappearing species and people forgot about the existence of the girls who care and who love.

We don’t care about the size of your wallet, the car you drive, or if your daddy is famous. We care about how you behave towards others and how you treat us.

We don’t get to be happy because we love more than we’re loved.

We live in some different times with different values. We don’t get to be happy because we’d like to change the world but we can’t.

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