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10 Hilarious Things Only Moms Will Understand

10 Hilarious Things Only Moms Will Understand

Motherhood is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman. It is the moment in your life when you bring a new life into this world.

By doing it, you know that a part of your heart beats in your child, and like any mother, you will do anything to take care of them and never allow anything bad to happen to them.

But this phase of every mom’s life has some things that are simply hilarious.

Here is the list of the funniest things that happen in the life of one mom and how she deals with them. So stay tuned!

1. You don’t know when was the last time you went to the toilet alone

baby follows mom in toilet

Whenever you want to go to the toilet, your kid will probably start screaming because they don’t know where you are.

When you tell them you are in the toilet, they will ask to get in. And since they are crying, you won’t have any choice other than to bring them in.

So, in the end, you will catch yourself sitting on a toilet and trying to poop while your child is sitting on the floor and asking: “Mom, what are you doing?” Sound familiar?

2. Going alone to the supermarket is like a holiday to you

woman in supermarket

When you are a mom, you won’t be able to go shopping alone because your kids will always want to go with you.

And even if you already made a list of the things you need to buy, you will forget all about it and run to catch them because they’ve already made a mess in the store.

In one moment, you realize that the clerk is looking at you like you are the crazy one while you are trying to remove that chocolate from your kid’s mouth while they are screaming.

3. You will NEVER again sleep as much as you want

sleepless young woman

It was a busy working week, and you finally think that you will get some sleep on the weekend. But not so fast because your toddlers have different plans.

Even if it is 6 a.m., they’ve decided to get up (they don’t get up so early when they have to go to the kindergarten) and to pull you out of bed because they want some food and a favorite cartoon.

Thinking that your husband might help you solve this problem, you look at his side of the bed and realize that there is no way you could wake him up even if you shot off a gun near his head.

At that moment, you realize that there is no help, that you are the one who will get up early this weekend (and every other), and that you will never get enough sleep. No wonder moms are always so sleepy.

4. When your child falls asleep, you finally breathe

woman watching romantic movie

It is not that you don’t love your child. In fact, there is no person in the world whom you love as much. But sometimes you simply need some time for yourself.

So, when your child falls asleep, you feel like you can finally get some rest and have some peace.

The moment you sit on a sofa and turn on a TV, however, you can hear two small feet trying to find you to tell you your child is thirsty.

Then you give your son or daughter some water and put him or her back to bed. In some cases, getting up from bed can happen multiple times, so don’t hope that you will finally be alone.

5. Going out with your friends is a mission impossible

friends having fun outdoors

You haven’t spent some quality time with your friends for a long time, and you miss them a lot.

The day you make plans to go out for dinner and later to some club, your kid gets a fever or something else happens to them, and you have to cancel your night out.

You thought that you will finally have some adult conversation and that you will be able to focus on yourself, but somehow, you find yourself in your child’s bed, being awake all night and checking their body temperature.

But you know what? When those little hands hand grab around your neck, you realize it was worth it.

6. You only listen to the music your kids listen to

mother and baby listening kids music

When someone asks you about that new Beyoncé song, you stand there looking at them, not believing you didn’t hear it.

But when you think twice, you realize that there is no way you can know about it because you only listen to the songs your kids listen to.

And it is no wonder that you know all the songs from their cartoons rather than something that would be interesting to an adult.

Welcome to mom’s world!

7. You don’t know when was the last time you watched a movie

woman take care of her baby

All your friends are talking about that movie, and you are the only person who didn’t watch it. But you have an excuse for that.

You know all the puppies from the Paw Patrol, and you are damn proud of that.

You are used to cartoons so much that even if your child goes to bed, you continue watching their cartoon for a half an hour later.

I bet every mom will recognize herself in these things, right?

8. When your kid is not making noise, you know it is never a good sign

little girls doing makeup

You know that feeling when you are occupied with something in the house, and you don’t hear your child?

The moment you realize that you think to yourself: “Oh fuck, what is he (or she) up to now?”

And the next thing you see is your sweet girl all covered with your super expensive foundation, smiling at you and asking: “Mom, am I pretty?”

If you don’t lose your cool in a situation like that, you never will because things like this can really bring you to the edge. Isn’t motherhood wonderful?

9. Your living room is all covered with toys

little baby playing with toys

Do you remember the period in your life when you were newly wedded and your house was all tidy and clean?

Every single thing that you bought had its place, and you were so proud of yourself and your organization.

It was so nice to drink early morning coffee on your new, white table, looking out into the distance,being all peaceful.

Then you got kids. Forget that you didn’t have time for your morning coffee—you didn’t have a place to put it on.

Instead of your things on the table, there are Paw Patrol toys or some Barbie dolls, and you have no place for yourself.

And the process isn’t finished yet! But you love it!

10. When you go to bed, you don’t fall asleep—you faint

woman peacefully sleeping

After your regular work and all the things you need to do in the house, you don’t have any energy in the evening.

You can’t wait to go to bed where you faint due to how tired you are.

When you realize that you went to work, cooked lunch for your family afterward cleaned everything, helped the kids have a shower, took a shower yourself, prepared things for the next day and then worked to finish a couple of things for your work, you don’t feel good at all.

You are sometimes asking yourself where you find the energy to do all those things in one day. Then you remember that you are a mom and that you can do it all.

Dear Moms, I know that all of these things are familiar to you. But I just want you to know that being a mom is the best job you will ever do.

Even if it is not paid and even if it is so hard sometimes, you get complete satisfaction when your kids hug you and say they love you.

Only in moments like those, you will feel real love—the unconditional and the pure kind. Only then, will you truly feel special.

In the end, I want to share a quote with you just to remind you what a treasure you have in your arms every day:

“Who said the world is big when I can hug mine with my two hands?!”

10 Hilarious Things Only Moms Will Understand