“When two people, who have an obvious interest in each other, flirt non-stop but can’t actually get into a relationship due to complicated reasons” Urban Dictionary

So, in a nutshell, it’s more than a friendship and less than a relationship. It’s driving us and the people around us crazy. It’s like a constant game of cat and mouse, chasing after one another, and it never stops.
A flirtationship can also be one-sided, but sometimes you find someone who speaks the same language, someone who matches your flirtation skills. And it’s amazing.

Causes for flirtationships may vary. One or both of you might be a flirt by nature; you simply enjoy the game. A flirtationship can be an introduction to dating and a potential relationship.

Or it can be your last resort because you are unable to act upon your flirtation for a variety of reasons; you might be co-workers, you might have mutual friends or you are already friends and you want to avoid making things awkward. Whatever the reason might be, you have no other option but to enjoy it while it lasts.

The first thing to do is to recognize you are in a flirtationship and once you do that, consider all the advantages a flirtationship brings to your life.

If you show any of these signs, you might be experiencing a flirtationship.

1. You find someone who amuses you and makes your day better.

2. You share some inside jokes and you have a shared sense of humor.

3. You always come up with some witty and flirtatious comments and. you both find new ways to surprise one another and to step up the flirtation game.

4. One of you had a haircut or looks especially good today and in no time at all, praises are falling like rain.

5. You tag each other in memes.

6. There are a lot of Snapchats going on.

7. You have at least one photo of them on your phone.

8. Your texts are full of heart and smile emojis.

9. Random people keep telling you how good a couple you would be and they often ask if you are in a relationship.

10. He is a gentleman; he lets you have his jacket if it’s cold outside and he walks you home.

11.He makes sure to text you to ask you if you got home okay. He keeps you safe.

12. From time to time, he gives you a little sneak peek into his life and all that he ever tells you stays with you.

13. When you post something on social media, you know he’ll be liking them, zooming in on your pictures and commenting on the smallest details that somebody else would easily miss.

14. You think your flirtationship partner is perfect and would probably make great boyfriend material but something is holding you back.

15. You always leave parties together. or if the party is going on in one of your homes, you have a safe place to nap, on their couch.

16. Hugs last more than they normally would with someone who is just your friend.

17. You check each other out and make sure to make it obvious because it’s just more fun that way.

18. The sexual tension is obvious. Sparks are flying all around but you are both reluctant to make a move for one reason or another.

Whether the flirtationship is leading somewhere or you are just going to stay in that zone, there are some obvious advantages of being in a flirtationship.

1. There is no drama.

If it ends with the two of you hooking up or being in a relationship then great but if not , then great again. What you had was meaningful but not to the extent that it could easily hurt you. It was good while it lasted, it made your days more fun but there is no need for drama and making things bigger than they are.

2. Laughter non-stop.

You have your inside jokes that obviously no one around you gets. A shared sense of humor is the best. You formed the connection by using just words and not getting involved in something on a more deeper physical or emotional level.

Because it’s so relaxing, a smile is constantly on your face. He doesn’t have to be present and the conversation doesn’t have to take place at that exact moment as just thinking about it makes you giggle and gives you some sense of warmth from the inside out.

3. Great way to be between relationships.

When you are on the rebound or getting your life together after a broken relationship, there is nothing like a flirtationship to get you out of that bad mood. A flirtationship does not hurt anyone, and it doesn’t restrain you. It keeps things casual.

4. You are still on the market.

You have your flirt buddy but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to stop noticing other men around. You might go out on a few dates and play your single card while you see where you stand in your flirtationship. Will it evolve to a relationship or not?

5. The endings are less painful.

You had fun while it lasted and the ending doesn’t hurt so much. You didn’t get emotionally attached. You have no real after-break-up things to worry about or the need to think about how to deal with it, all you have to do is stop flirting. Sure, you might miss those good days but it will be way easier than ending a relationship.

6. It enables and teaches you to live in the moment.

You don’t have to worry about the future. A flirtationship gives you its own place and time, all you have to worry about is the here and now. You don’t have to worry about whether you are compatible, if he is committed or not, if he means the things he says, if you guys are moving in together or if he wants kids. Because there is nothing underneath the flirtation and you are OK with keeping things the way they are.

7. You do things because you want to, not because you have to.

All that happens is in your control. You don’t have to text him but you can. You don’t have to show up at some event he is attending but you can. You can do whatever you want. These flirtationships don’t require your full attention.