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10 Reasons Why ‘Forever Single’ Girls Make The Best Girlfriends

10 Reasons Why ‘Forever Single’ Girls Make The Best Girlfriends

1. She understands love in so many completely different ways

Just because she was alone for a long time doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand love or the meaning of it. She is a woman who knows how to love herself, how to love her life and how to love her friends and family.

She is a woman who learned the hard way what love really is and she will give her best to you. She will give you what she expects of you to give to her. And nothing less.

2. She knows where she stands

She knows who she is and she appreciates herself too much to let anyone take away her worth or self-esteem. She knows what she wants and she wants you. Trust me, there is no greater honor than that.

She knows well what she feels and she will never make you guess what she is thinking or how is she feeling. She is not interested in games because she likes to keep it real.

3. She will never rush into things

She takes everything slowly because she knows what she’s been through and she respects herself enough to ask you to respect her as well. And if she decided to let you in, rest assured that she didn’t do it in the heat of the moment.

She took her time to think it through, to see if you’re worth it. And she will keep on doing it because she values both your time and hers.

4. She is not clingy

She learned to be on her own and she really enjoys it. She will never be angry if you are spending time with your friends or by yourself because she needs some time on her own as well. And she will not be overly needy because that’s just not who she is.

5. She will not put up with bullshit

She did not rebuild herself for you to break her and she did not spend all of that time learning to love herself so you would take away that love.

Have no doubt that she will give you a piece of her mind when it comes to it. She knows better than to put up with anyone’s crap.

6. She knows how special and unique she is

She felt special before you and she will probably feel special after you. The reason she decided to let you in is because you managed to come through all of her defensive mechanisms and there is something about you that made her think that she’s ready for love.

But that doesn’t mean that she will forget how to love herself or how to make herself feel special. It just means that you won’t have to put as much as effort in dancing around. Instead, that effort will be put into making memories and living adventures together.

7.  She freed herself of emotional baggage

A woman who spent so much time on herself learned to come to peace with her past and learned that rebound relationships are not her thing.

She took time to heal and to move on which is why there won’t be crazy exes coming to your door, no memories haunting her because she defeated them long time ago. 

8. She is with you because she wants to, not because she needs to

And that’s the reason she will put the effort to make you happy and to make you stay. Knowing that someone is with you because they want to be, because they love spending time with you, they love your stupid jokes and all your flaws, is the most amazing feeling in the world—knowing that your significant other loves you for you, not for the things you can do for them.

9. She has high standards

She wasn’t alone by chance—she was alone by choice. She is not interested in settling for anything less than what she deserves. She is not interested in lowering her standards just so she can say that she is in relationship. She has high standards and you met them all.

10. She is able to see your worth 

She will always make sure that you feel appreciated because she knows how it feels when you are taken for granted and how it feels when someone is with you just because they are scared of being alone.

She will make sure that you feel loved and respected, same like she wants to be loved, appreciated and respected. The relationship you will have with her will be the jackpot relationship for sure