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7 Ways Being a Highly Sensitive Woman Affects Your Relationship

7 Ways Being a Highly Sensitive Woman Affects Your Relationship

Relationships fall apart too many times and marriages crumble simply because you and your partner don’t understand what being a highly sensitive person is like. He, if he’s not an HSP, will judge you for your emotions and that’s when it all starts to disappear into thin air.
That’s why it’s very important to communicate with your partner about your wants and needs as an HSP and simply discuss everything that can happen in your relationship. Being a highly sensitive woman affects your relationship in a lot of ways that you and your partner simply have to be aware off.

1. You take the blame

It really doesn’t matter if you were or weren’t involved in a fight with your partner that day, but for some reason he’s mad and you think that it’s your fault. Even if it was something that happened at work, you can’t help but take the blame all on yourself.. Also, when he did something wrong, you start blaming yourself. Even when you know that you don’t deserve his yelling and his harsh words, you still feelt that it’s your fault he’s so mad.

2. You know everything

Being a HSP means that you remember everything because it might be helpful one day. You know every single detail about his childhood that he told you, even if it was just once and you find everything to be important. He might think that it’s creepy, but it’s not. It’s just a sign you care.

3. You are too forgiving

You tend to be very forgiving and caring towards others, but you will rarely forgive yourself for a mistake you made. You also look at your partner and you think about all those times you did something that upset him and without even realising it, you get depressed because you simply aren’t able to get over it—while you forgive him everything he did to you.

4. You close up when things get difficult

It’s not that you don’t want to talk things through. It’s just that it scares you to look at your partner because you will cry and you won’t be able to get a thing out of your mouth. That’s why you just close up and leave until you feel better again. It affects your relationship because sometimes your partner wants to talk things through right away, but you need time to get a hold of yourself before facing him.

5. You let him take advantage of you

It seems like you’re doing him favors and that he just asks for things that he really needs from you, but do you really need to do everything for him? You simply don’t know the magic of saying ‘no’ to your partner. That’s why he’s taking advantage of you – because he can. Every time you even think about saying ‘no’, you feel guilty and bad for not helping him, and you run to do it. It makes you feel exhausted and broken most of the time.

6. You’re afraid of intimacy, but you crave it

You are afraid to get too close to someone because they may hurt you. You have had enough people in your life who broke you into little pieces and they never tried to help you heal. You are afraid of intimacy and it’s reasonable if we take in consideration what you went through in your life. The only problem here is that you crave intimacy even though you are afraid of it. Your partner is confused. You get mad if he doesn’t show affection, but you also run away when he does show it. Make up your mind.

7. It’s difficult to make decisions

In a relationship, sometimes you need to take the upper hand and make a decision. But because of the fact that you are a highly sensitive person, those decisions scare the heck out of you and you don’t know how to deal with them. You are simply afraid that your partner won’t like the way you think or that he will come to hate your idea. Just relax—the world won’t get destroyed if you make a decision. And even if he doesn’t like it, so what?