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10 Reasons Why Passionate Love Is The Most Powerful Love Of All

10 Reasons Why Passionate Love Is The Most Powerful Love Of All

If you have ever experienced passionate love, you can’t deny its power.

It’s like your body, your thoughts, and your urges are no longer under your control.

Your desires toward another person are so strong that they become your instinct. You’re in a state of intense longing for connecting with another human being.

Romantic love filled with passion becomes your fuel and your biggest source of inspiration and joy.

Passionate love is one of the strongest forces in the universe, containing the most powerful ingredients: powerful connection, strong sensual attraction, and fiery passion!

Passion is both the best and the most dangerous feeling you can ever experience. Passion is like a burning flame—beautiful, irresistible, and destructive.

If it gets out of control, it can destroy you with a painful heartbreak, but it can also be the spark you need to experience true love.

In any case, getting into a passionate relationship is worth the risk.

Sure, this kind of love can bring you a lot of heartache and pain, but it can also show you what truly, madly, deeply in love really means!

It has the power to show you the world in beautiful, exciting colors that simply can’t be seen in other types of love and intimate relationships.


You are high on love and passion

Fiery, romantic passion, and raw carnal desire is so strong that you feel like you have an out-of-body experience (especially in the early stages of a romantic relationship).

That’s why passion is like an addiction—it’s easy to get hooked, and it’s really hard to get off.

As a matter of fact, with the use of fMRI technology, it’s scientifically proven that passionate love evokes the same changes in our brain as drug addiction or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

By doing that it’s making making you strongly attached to that one specific person. Or better said, making you literally crazy about them.

It’s like you are stuck in a daydream and all of your thoughts are directed to the object of your desire.

You feel so strongly connected that you can’t help but think about that person 24/7.

You often indulge in imagining how would it feel if your loved one were there with you and what their reaction would be to certain things.

Concentrating on your tasks is most of the time mission impossible because this is the type of love that reaches the most hidden, exciting compartments of your brain that you didn’t even know were there in the first place.

All of a sudden, all of your daily struggles become unimportant because you’ve got the biggest source of positive energy—your passionate love.

When you’re driven by pure passion, being creative comes naturally to you and you no longer observe the world with the same eyes.

Instead, you’re observing the world through special glasses specifically designed to boost your life experience in every field!

Your brain stops functioning

One of the most exciting—and at the same time dangerous—aspects of passionate love is the feeling of total belonging to another human being.

This is where your intoxication with another person could get you into a vulnerable position.

Intense feelings and passion are so strong that they can cloud your judgment and prevent you from seeing things clearly.

When that happens, you lose your sense of self, and your perception of things becomes twisted.

You can end up in the hands of a man/woman who is entirely wrong for you just because you feel that undeniable passion toward them or just because you’re convinced that they love you, too.

You can also easily mistake that passion for love, and that’s where unrequited love and all the other problems start.

But, you can also create something really powerful out of it—a long-term relationship or companionate love that will gradually flourish into unconditional love.

As Ellen Berscheid and Elaine Walster claim that there are two types of love: one that is based more on passion and another that is more about companionship.

But it is also possible to reach a balance between the two. The only thing is that your brain is not really aware of any of it because this love works on the principle of indulging in love without fear or judgment!

This kind of love either flourishes over time or it disappears into thin air, but the feeling of excitement lasts forever, and that is why it is the most powerful love of all!

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You live in the moment

This kind of love shakes your entire being, opens your eyes, and inspires you to live for the here and now!

For every moment that you will spend with that person who makes your blood race and your heart pound like crazy.

Even if you are one of the people who like to plan ahead, who thinks things through, when real passion kicks in, all you will be able to think about is NOW.

You will live for the moments of happiness that are putting you in this state of ecstasy, and you will keep coming back for more.

Passionate love turns your love life into a fairy tale full of bliss, excitement, and constant shifting because this kind of love has the power to be everything but never boring.

This kind of love inspires you to notice all those little things you were so ignorant of before.

It inspires you to live your life to the fullest because all of a sudden, that’s the only thing you can do.

It inspires you to laugh, cry, smile, and dance in the street like nobody’s watching you. You become free, and you finally believe that anything is possible!

You take risks that your thoughtlessness brings

Engaging in a highly passionate relationship can encourage you to make fast and rash decisions that might not be good for you at all.

For example, getting married after only a few months or a few weeks (or even after a few days in extreme situations) of knowing each other. That’s the highest risk.

Sure, it can end in happily ever after, but chances are it won’t.

That happens because you can easily be driven just by passion, and love is left aside. When passion wears out, you are stuck in a loveless relationship.

That’s why time is of the essence here. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Think things through. Differentiate love from lust, and make sure you know the person really well.

Now, if you’re not quite sure about the intensity of your love and what is really going on, you can measure it with the Passionate Love Scale.

Yes, you read it right. Psychologist Elaine Hatfield (Hatfield, E.) and Susan Sprecher developed the Passionate Love Scale that can help you decipher whether what you’re feeling is intense passionate love or something else.

This scale works on the principle of asking you to think about the person you’re crazy about aka the object of your desire.

After that they ask you a few questions like whether you feel like you can’t stop thinking about them and similar.

And if you answer the majority of questions with ‘Yes’, then you know that what you’re feeling is definitely passionate love, so beware!

You turn into a different person

This kind of love has the power to turn you into a completely different person.

For example, if you’ve been an introvert your whole life, this love can turn you into a fearless extrovert who is ready to do anything anytime.

You no longer know your boundaries because the whole world starts looking like a large soccer field of limitless opportunities and limitless fun.

When you’re driven by passionate love, you no longer think about consequences because you’re driven by a strong force, convincing you that whatever you do is right.

You sneak out of the house in the small hours, you make a fool out of yourself regularly, you do things that you’ve never thought of doing, and all of it because of that passionate force that’s living within you.

You’re literally high on love 24/7, and no one can stop you from doing stupid things when you feel like it because to you, everything seems perfectly legit.

You become more vulnerable

This kind of love has the power to unlock all of your deepest cravings, desires, and secrets.

And when that happens, you become extremely vulnerable in your everyday life, especially in front of the person you’re crazy about.

All of a sudden, you feel a powerful urge to tell everything to that one person, to share your deepest thoughts that have been accumulating all this time because you feel like you can really trust them and that they are the only one who understands you.

By doing all of this, you connect on a deep level with the other person without even checking whether you’re on the same page.

In case you’re not, a painful heartbreak becomes inevitable, and your vulnerability pays an enormous price for opening up too soon to the object of your desire and for expecting that they will do the same.

But, extreme passion works that way. You cannot control any aspect of it, and that’s why it’s the most powerful love of all.

You can’t control whether you’re going to share your deepest thoughts and secrets because your gut and your mind are forcing you to do so.

You have that strong, uncontrollable urge to connect with that one person, and your mind is ready to do anything to achieve that.

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You can ruin a potentially fantastic relationship if you go too hard too soon

When you’re intoxicated with passion for someone, you often choose to go all in without ever thinking rationally about your words or actions. You want it all, and you want it now.

This can often result in ruining a potentially fantastic relationship because going too hard too soon is a real recipe for disaster (especially if your feelings are not reciprocated and your love is not on the same level).

This includes the uncontrollable urge to constantly text them, call them, to spend all of your time with them, and make them your number one priority.

In the majority of cases, this type of love is doomed to become unrequited if you don’t press the Pause button because no one really likes to be put on a pedestal 24/7 and treated like God for no apparent reason.

Going too hard too soon is a sure recipe for disaster, and that’s why it’s important to find a balance between your reason and passion (which is sometimes really hard, but not impossible).

It can drastically change your perception of love

There are more and more people who are having a hard time finding love and because of that, they become convinced that love is just a myth, and it doesn’t exist.

Even though the majority of their friends have already found the love of their life, they are still convinced that love is just a concept that it’s not real and that it will definitely not happen to them.

But, one day, they literally wake up and realize how mistaken they were all this time.

They realize it when they meet the one that turns their life upside down and changes their entire perception of love.

All of a sudden, they start truly believing that love is real because the sensations and passion that they feel for another human being are out of this world and can’t be put into words.

So, the only explanation for this phenomenon is the statement that love exists and that it happened to them when they least expected it.

Indeed, passion is the most powerful force in the universe that can change your perception on lots of things—not only love.

It can change the way you perceive the world around you, the people, your work, and your mindset.

Your logical thinking shuts down

Scientists Elaine Hatfield and Richard Rapson describe passionate love in the following words: “a state of intense longing for union with another.”

This intense longing creates powerful infatuation which makes it hard for you to think rationally.

When you’re in that state of mind, your logical thinking literally shuts down.

To be more exact, your frontal lobe shuts down because that part of the brain is connected with your logical thinking and decision-making.

So, when you’re driven by passionate love, you basically have no idea what you’re thinking, let alone doing.

Sounds scary, right? What seemed to you illogical all this time becomes perfectly logical once you’re driven by pure passion.

It’s like a whole different world where you’re intoxicated with constant excitement, joy, and limitless possibilities that are only known to those who are madly, crazily, and deeply in love.

You get a chance of true love with the right person

There is nothing better than the combination of love and passion, and if you experience it with the right person, it can turn into a lasting relationship and last you a lifetime.

When you find the balance between love and passion, there is no need to look for anything more because you’re already experiencing greatness.

The balance between love and passion is directly connected with the marital satisfaction of married couples (especially newlyweds), high self-esteem, and well-being.

Balanced romantic love is the only type of love that can create a healthy attachment style and greatly improve your life in general.

When that happens, you know that you’ve found your forever person.

The one who has the right kind of love—a love that is kind, respectful, and supporting; a love that stays.

In addition to all the love, you have a passion that will never wear off; it can decrease its intensity, but it will never pass.

Passionate love is a powerful force that can’t be tamed. It can drag you down, and it can lift you up in a matter of seconds.

It’s usually beyond your control. This type of love in the hands of the wrong person can turn toxic.

On the other hand, it can be the most special kind of love, the one that brings you that feeling of sky-illuminating fireworks as well as inner peace and genuine feelings—providing that the person is right.

Now, let’s wrap all of this up with one of the most beautiful passionate love quotes by George Moore:

“The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it.

You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men it is said have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough.”