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These 11 Things Matter As Much As Finding Love (If Not More)

These 11 Things Matter As Much As Finding Love (If Not More)

We all think that love is the most important thing in the world, right?

We think that the feeling of being in love with another person who reciprocates our feelings in the same way can’t be measured with anything else?

Well, I can’t say this is wrong, as love truly is the most beautiful feeling in the entire world.

Still, what about all the other things that are also important in our life, some of them even being equally important?

Should love really be the center of our life? Is it indeed the only goal we all should have in life?

Making love the only priority of our life is unfair to all those other things that we also need as much as love.

Making that one person your only priority is undoubtedly wrong and truly unfair to all other people who care for us and deserve their place in our life.

You shouldn’t be searching for the right person constantly because they will find you.

Finding love shouldn’t be your only prayer because God gives it to you in so many different ways, every day.

It’s time to rethink your priorities and understand that these things are maybe equally important to love and that you should put them on your priority list too.

The relationship you have with yourself

Why do we have that need to always put the person we love and their needs in front of our own ones?

Do you really think it’s selfish to love yourself the most and to make yourself the top priority? Because it’s not.

Self-love is not selfish, nor is it wrong. It’s what you should actually do because you’re the only constant in your life.

The relationship you have with yourself is the only one you can know for sure will last forever.

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A healthy lifestyle

Why do we all neglect our health and a healthy lifestyle so much these days?

Did we all somehow get lost in our daily responsibilities and forget about the most important thing in our life, our health?

Indeed, health is everything. Unfortunately, we aren’t even aware of its significance until we get sick or someone we love does.

This is the part of your life you should dedicate yourself most to.

A successful career

What’s wrong with people wanting to choose their career instead of love?

Why are those people so often misunderstood and condemned by others?

Just because someone has other priorities in life and chooses a different path than yours doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

Having a good career should be important to everyone because after all, I think we are all aware of the fact that love can’t pay our bills.

Your family

Do you know what the greatest gift you have from God is? It’s your family, of course, and we should cherish them the most.

Be sure that you can only find true friends in your family and that they’re the only ones who’ll be with you through good and bad.


Do you agree that true and honest friends are so important nowadays?

That’s why we should keep our real and honest friendships and appreciate them more than we do now.

This is a very special kind of love but not any less important than a romantic one.

Your friends are people who have proved they deserve a place in your life and who you continue to choose because of that.

New life experiences

Did you have a bucket list when you were younger or maybe you have one even now?

Well, doing all those things from your wish list is as important as finding your soulmate. It will definitely bring you more happiness and make you more fulfilled in life.

Your interests and passions

Do you have something you’re very good at or something you feel strongly passionate about?

Those things count probably more than anything in life.

Doing something that you love will never get boring and it will never make you feel bad in your own skin, which is far more important than you can even imagine.

Achieving your dreams and goals

Do you remember all those things you dreamed you’d achieve one day? All the things you promised your younger self that you’d do?

What do you say now, did you let down that little kid who really believed in you?

It’s time to shift focus back on your dreams and goals, so you’ll make that little kiddo happy and proud again.

Your inner peace and happiness

Do you really feel truly happy right now, and I mean really happy at this moment, while you’re reading this?

If you don’t, then you’re doing something wrong and no other person except you can fix it, no matter how much they love you.

Only you have that power to affect your inner peace. And always remember, a happy and calm soul equals a happy and fulfilled life.

To become a completely free and independent person

Would you agree that people who are actively and constantly looking for love aren’t quite pleased with their life and they think they need that other person to complete them in a way?

Yes? Me too. It’s a common mistake, unfortunately. We are all already whole, we need no other half to complete us.

Before finding the right person, we should only focus on our self-improvement.

Living your life to the fullest

Do you ever think about the transience of life?

Trust me, when you get to a specific age, you’ll understand how short life truly is and you’ll regret focusing on only one thing and missing all the fun because of it.

That’s why you should make it your top priority to enjoy every second of your life. And I really mean, to enjoy it to the fullest.