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7 Obvious Signs He Feels Sorry About Dumping You

7 Obvious Signs He Feels Sorry About Dumping You

Even if your ex broke up with you, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel sorry about that.

Maybe he thinks about you every night when he stays alone in his four walls and wishes that he could do anything to bring you back.

As you know, most guys feel so much pride in relationships so they will never admit that they have been hurt by something you said or did.

Therefore, they won’t admit that they are regretful of dumping you either.

But if you want to know what is in their heart, check the following signs aka dumper stages, because they prove that a man feels sorry about losing you and that he wants you back.

He is still single

If your ex is still single, even though the two of you broke up a long time ago, it might be a sign that he regrets dumping you.

He might have had many chances to date other girls but he only wants you and that is why he will remain single all the time.

The truth is that he still misses you and he probably realized that he made the biggest mistake of his life when he let you go.

He calls you often

This is something a guy does when he is still not sure that he made the right decision in letting you go. That’s how the male mind during no contact works. 

If he sees you with another man who is just a friend of yours but he doesn’t know that, he will probably call you to tell you that you are such a bad girl because you forgot about him in just two days.

He may do this because he is jealous, so know that he still weeps for you and can’t stop thinking about you.

He talks about you to your friends

When a couple is in a long-term relationship, they sometimes have mutual friends. And after the two of you break up and your ex still wants you back, he will try that through your friends.

He will talk to them about you and the things that are happening in your life. That is one more sign that he regrets dumping you and that he desperately wants you back.

He is always around you

Even if you don’t know how, your ex is somehow always near you. Wherever you go, he shows up and starts a normal conversation with you like nothing happened.

In this way, he just wants to show you that he is okay but that he would want you to go back to him.

If he also tries to touch you without intention, you can be positive like crazy about it and it is only a matter of time when he will ask you to be his girlfriend again.

He tries to impress you

All of a sudden, you catch your ex doing things that he has never done before. So, why do you think he does that now?

Well, to cut a long story short, he does that to impress you so that you would go back to him.

He is so regretful of dumping you and he wants to show you that he would be so happy if you decided to forgive him and be his loved one again.

So it’s your call—if you think he deserves another shot, go ahead and take him back.

You have the feeling that he feels guilty

When guys break up with girls, they need some time to think about the whole process.

So, once they calm down, they realize that they overreacted and that they shouldn’t have hurt you like that.

If you see that your ex looks at you with that puppy dog smile, you can be sure that he regrets dumping you and that he really wants you back.

He is down all the time

From the moment the two of you broke up, you haven’t seen your ex smiling. Every time he is with his friends, he just stares at the floor while they talk.

He looks like a man who lost the best thing in his life and that feeling is eating him alive.

If you catch him like this, you can be sure that he really feels sorry about the two of you and that he wants you back.