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10 Relationship Goals You Need To Achieve If You Want To Be Truly Happy

10 Relationship Goals You Need To Achieve If You Want To Be Truly Happy

It’s a goal like every other in your life. You see it as something you need to achieve in order to be truly happy.

When you start a new relationship, you have a picture in your mind about how it should look like in order for it to be the right relationship for you.

You never defined those wants and needs you have, you never made them into goals you need to achieve.

But if you have ever watched any motivational talks on the Internet, you will know that in order to achieve a certain goal, you have to define it and the steps to getting it.

So here are some #relationshipgoals examples that you might want to consider in order to have a happy and fulfilling relationship:

Honest and open communication

When you start a new relationship, it’s all about learning something new about them, even their dark secrets and thoughts.

It’s not obsessive to want to know someone better because you need to know what their motivations and their biggest fears are in order to know if you want to continue being in a relationship with them.

You need to be open with each other about the things that bother you.

If you are thinking about texting him but you think that you will get on his nerves and be a bother, don’t even start a relationship.

What’s the point if you can’t have someone to talk to at any given time of the day?

Being best friends

If you thought that being best friends with your boyfriend is weird, well, you thought wrong. If you’re going to be in a happy relationship, you need someone with whom you can laugh, have pillow fights and play video games.

Those are the things that make you two perfect for each other.

But the most important thing here is that being friends helps you to get through rough times.

Sex can help you to get over whatever you did to upset the other but it will get weird after some time and it won’t have any meaning anymore.

Alone time

You need time on your own, to recharge and focus on the goals that are just yours.

You don’t have to freak out every time your partner is not around! It’s nice to be alone for a while and gather your thoughts, and it might help you to find a solution to a certain problem.

It’s also there to see how independent you are, even when you’re in a loving and caring relationship.

Even if you live together with your partner, you can go into another room to do some work or to have coffee on your own and read a good book.

Some people live for these moments, because they know that they always have someone to go back to when they get lonely.

You support each other

He should know what you strive to accomplish in your life and also the other way around.

You have to support the goals of each other and be there to help if you can.

Be each other’s support system and show the world that you can achieve everything you want together.

Not having sex every time you are together

It’s very important to not make sex the highest priority in your relationship.

If you are able to sit beside each other, without even touching, you have succeeded.

Or even better, if you can cuddle for hours on end and still not feel the urge to fuck but rather to enjoy your time together like that, well, that’s the biggest #relationshipgoal out there.

Leave your phone around without the fear that your partner will go through your messages

We may get jealous a lot but that doesn’t mean that we have the right to invade someone else’s privacy. You need to trust your partner in order to be calm and collected when they get a text message.

The goal here is to never let yourself be taken away by the urge to see what he texts someone else because you trust your partner enough to believe that they are faithful.

Also, he won’t check on you either because he knows how precious he is to you. This gets to the point where we are willing to give our phone to the other person to look after and we let them know everything that’s on there because we have nothing to hide.

Telling them that other people are attractive and knowing they won’t get mad

Hi! Hello. Let me update you on something new: you will be attracted to other people while you’re in a relationship.

Attraction to others doesn’t magically disappear when you are in love with someone.

Of course, for a while, you only have eyes for your significant other, but after some time you see physical beauty in other people and you should have the courage to tell your man what you think.

And, believe it or not, they won’t get mad at you if you have a stable relationship, where both sides trust each other enough to know that they’re yours no matter what.

Being weird and gross around each other

You know that your relationship is real #relationshipgoals when you are completely comfortable being yourself and not hiding anything from your significant other.

You can laugh as loud as you can, because you know that your partner finds that cute. Or even fart and burp in front of each other, because you both know that they’re normal human reactions.

There are so many things we are ashamed to do in public, but there are no such things in true love stories.

Spending the night eating and watching TV instead of going out

Why do you need a fancy dinner to prove to each other that you are in love? Well, going out from time to time and treating yourselves is completely fine, unless it’s the only way you show each other that you are in love.

The goal here, in particular, is that you are so happy with each other that it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do.

Staying in your room and watching movies all night saves you money and makes you appreciate the time you spend together.

Getting excited to see each other

Even after years of dating, you still get excited to see each other. What? You’ve been separated for an hour?

Well, you better run screaming toward him and throw yourself into his arms like you last saw each other a month ago.