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If He Treats You Like He Doesn’t Care, Believe Him

If He Treats You Like He Doesn’t Care, Believe Him

One of the most difficult things to handle in life is unrequited love. When you love someone, all you want is for them to love you back.

You know that you couldn’t be nicer to this guy and you know you are doing everything right, but he simply doesn’t love you the way you should be loved.

The hardest part about this is accepting that someone you love so much simply doesn’t care about you. Deep down, you know the truth, but you keep hoping.

You keep hoping that he actually does love you, but that he has a strange way of showing it. You keep hoping that he will eventually change and start treating you the way he should.

You’d do basically everything expect accepting that he doesn’t care about you. But, I am here to tell you it’s time to face the harsh reality.

If you spend most of your days waiting for himhe doesn’t give a damn about you. The guy who cares about you will always have time for you, no matter how busy he is.

He will never make you beg for his attention, because there won’t be anything more important for him than you.

If you are the one initiating all the dates and communication– he doesn’t care about you. If a man cares about you enough, he will have the desire to see you and talk to you.

On the other hand, if a guy can spend an entire day without even checking up on you, it means that he doesn’t think about you and it is a sign he definitely doesn’t care about you.

If he is never interested in you– he doesn’t care. When your boyfriend is in love with you, he’ll be interested in everything you have to say. 

 If a guy is never concerned with happenings in your life and is not interested in your opinion, he can’t be interested in you.

If he doesn’t open up to you– he doesn’t care about you. No matter how closed of a person a man is, when he really falls in love with a woman, he’ll open up to her completely.

If a guy truly cares about you, he will appreciate your opinion and he will want to hear your advice regarding most things in life.

If he doesn’t remember things that are important to you– he doesn’t care.

If he doesn’t remember the name of your pet, if he doesn’t know when your birthday is or he does but he doesn’t do anything to surprise you on that date and if he doesn’t even try to find these things out, you are not important to him.

If he is never around when you need him- he doesn’t care about you. When a guy truly loves you, he will be your shoulder to cry on and your biggest support.

But, this guy is around you only when everything is going great. Every time you are going through some difficult times, this man is nowhere to be found.

If he is selfish– he doesn’t care. When a guy truly cares about you, he will always put your needs even in front of his own.

But, when he doesn’t care about you enough or at all, he will always be self-centred and this is exactly how this guy behaves. His well-being is the only thing important for him and everything has to be his way.

If he doesn’t put an effort to make you happyhe doesn’t love you enough. Let’s face it—this man does nothing to make you happy.

He never puts the slightest effort in putting a smile on your face and your sadness never affects him.

It is obvious that he treats you like he doesn’t care about you.

And if he acts like he doesn’t care, please disregard everything he might be telling you and believe him. Because this guy doesn’t love you the way you love him. And he probably never will.

I know you keep making excuses for him and you are trying to justify his behavior, but it’s about time to stop. Remember- where there is a will, there is a way.

It’s about time you accept this, no matter how painful it is. And it’s time for you to start respecting yourself enough to walk away.