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13 Simple Things That Make You Sexy AF

13 Simple Things That Make You Sexy AF

1. You have a sense of humor

I dare say that all men fall for women who have a sense of humor.

They love when they not only know how to crack jokes but also when they laugh at their jokes. Humor is a sign of being smart and smart is very hot.

So, the next time you meet someone cute, try telling a couple of jokes and definitely laugh at all of his and you’ll be halfway there.

2. You are likable

Men want to know why so many people like you. It’s a mystery and they want to solve it.

Being interesting to others makes them interested in you , too. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to tease him a bit and play hard to get but don’t overdo it.

No one wants to put that much effort into getting a girl. Keep it simple yet complicated, just the way we women know how.

3. The way you walk

It’s not about the actual way you walk. No one is going to follow you around town because they are turned on by the way you move your legs up and down. No, that would be ridiculous.

It’s the way you walk into a room and you catch everyone’s attention right away.

Your presence and the impression you make when you show up in a crowd full of people is the sexiest thing about you, according to men.

4. Your high energy

Guys like when you act a bit childish. Don’t get me wrong, you should not scream and jump up and down about every little thing that you love because that is not that attractive.

But when you show enthusiasm and when you go wild every now and then, it’s super-sexy.

Men will not show you that, probably because they are afraid it will encourage you to act like that more often, but believe me, they find it sexy.

5. Your self-respect

People see in the way you act and talk whether you respect yourself or not.

If guys see that they can do whatever they want to you from the way you behave, they will.

They will take you for granted and treat you like crap. But if you radiate with positive energy and self-esteem, they will find it sexy and irresistible.

6. Your personality

They like that you are open to try new things, they like your adventurous spirit and, most importantly, they love that you stay true to yourself no matter whether others like it or not.

7. The way you look at him

When your eyes meet, you don’t just look at him, you truly and sincerely look deep inside him.

If you like him, you’ll take a peek into his soul through his eyes and men will notice that.

8. The fact you’re passionate

They love the way you do things with such passion. They find it sexy when you are dedicated to something you love, that you will do it with such pleasure and joy.

And even if you don’t like doing something, you will find a reason to love it because you know that there is always a silver lining.

9. Your vulnerability

They like the way that you stay true to yourself and you never fake the way you feel.

They love the fact that you will be vulnerable to them because it shows that you trust them and trust is sexy, believe me.

10. Your strength

Guys love women who are independent. They don’t want those who are super-needy around them.

Don’t get me wrong, guys love to be needed, but they hate when a woman is too dependent on them.

They find a woman’s ability to solve things for herself and to lead a successful life sexy AF.

11. The fact that you are fun to be around

They love women who look at life from the perspective that you only have one and you should take advantage of it.

You should do things that you want to do at that exact moment. You should smile when you feel like smiling and you should cry when you feel like crying.

12. The fact you are mysterious

You never lay all your cards on the table. You always leave something hidden and that is what makes men crazy.

You never reveal everything about yourself and the fact that you hide things makes him want to find out what is hiding behind that beautiful face.

13. Your smile

A smile is the sexiest thing any woman can wear. It’s as simple as that.