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10 Signs You And Your Friend Are Worse Than An Old Married Couple

10 Signs You And Your Friend Are Worse Than An Old Married Couple

It’s like you’ve been married for years and years. You simply cannot function without each other. If one of you is sick at home, the other one is lost.

That’s that special bond you find in a person. Even if you are not in a relationship, you act like you are. There are no feelings other than genuine friendship love among you.

Sometimes, these people find their significant other in their friend and never in a lover. And that is completely fine. Love is what matters the most and you have it in your friend.

Only one look is enough

By taking just one look into your friend’s eyes, you know exactly what she is thinking about. You know whether she is sad, annoyed or happy. She cannot hide anything from you.

Telepathic connection

Sometimes you get upset for no reason. And you can’t put your finger on why. You just do—a feeling of discomfort overwhelms you. What’s wrong? Nothing on your part, but something happened to your best friend. Even though you don’t know that, you feel it.

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Food sharing

Every time you see her grabbing a bite, you’ll take some from her even if you’re not hungry at all. If you go out to dinner together, you’ll take food off her plate and she will do the same. There are no limits whatsoever.

Awkward conversations

You know those private things that are really nobody’s business? Well, your best friend knows everything about them. You called her out of the blue, more than once, just to share some really private things with her.

And what’s even funnier, she listens to you like you are telling her the most important thing happening in your life right now. That’s how much you love each other. Everything is equally important.



You plan your future together. You plan a double wedding. You already know how many kids you’re going to have, their ages and their hobbies—which they will take together, obviously! You know you’re going to live as close to each other as possible. Even if you don’t, there is no distance that can tear you apart.


You will stand up for each other. if someone did something wrong to your friend, you will put their name into your little black book. If you mess with my friend, you mess with me. Never, ever will you let anyone hurt her—boys watch out: the ‘Lady Hulk’ is onto you!

Stupid actions

You will be always there for her when she makes a stupid choice and you will support it. Even if you think it’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, you will stick by your friend because you know she thinks it’s the right thing to do. And after she fails, you will be there to comfort her and not to say: “I told you so.”


You will confide in her. You will tell her literally everything that is on your mind. Even the darkest and the most f**ked up secrets you have. You trust this person completely. You know that the thing you have between you is unbreakable.


After some time, you are starting to sound and act like each other. You find yourself using the same expression she uses and you’ve never used them before. You start doing the same moves as she does. The two of you become one.

More than friends?

Absolutely not! People think that and you cannot convince them otherwise. It’s because you click so well on all levels that others jump to conclusions that you are a couple. Wow! What a friendship!

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