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10 Things Girly Tomboys Know Too Well

10 Things Girly Tomboys Know Too Well

If you didn’t know a lot about girly tomboys now is the perfect time to enter the world of these amazing ladies. Here are some things they all know too well. 

1. You adore beer

You are not like the rest of the girls who will drink cocktails and act all nicey-picey. You are a grown-ass woman who has her standars and you are not afraid to show it to the world.

You are known by the fact that you drink beer like all the guys even if girls will look strange at you. It is true that you can dress up and have fun with thn guys but there isn’t a guy who can drink more beer than you. Pretty cool, right?

2. You love watching sports

When guys watch sports and yell, you are with them. You yell louder than them and you don’t give a fuck what others will think of you. Sports is what makes your blood circulate faster and you are not hiding it at all.

And no, watching sports doesn’t make you less feminine at all, it makes you a kick-ass woman!

3. You like hanging out with the boys but you also like being a girl

You like spending time with the boys and doing things they like but you also like to go out with the girls and act like a real girl. It is very easy for you to play video games and one hour later dress up, put your red lipstick and go out with the girls.

You can talk about girly things but you also enjoy talking about racing cars with the boys or teasing them in the streets to race with you. You are very special person and you shouldn’t forget that.  

4. You LOVE food

Food is your best friend. If you dind’t have your breakfast it would be better for others not to talk to you because you will take their heads off. You are a true hedonist and you enjoy all sorts of food.

You never worry if you will gain some pounds because you are active all the time and there is no way you can ever be fat. You live every day like it is your last one and that is why guys love you so much. 


5. You are not very feminine

You simply don’t enjoy the same things as other girls. You would rather stay at home watching sports with the guys that going out and wearing high heels. You don’t even know to walk in them and you hate when your friends ask you to wear them.

You feel the best in your sneakers because you can dance and run if you want. Please don’t change because you are special and unique just the way you are. 

6. You love your comfy clothes

You’re rocking oversized T-shirts, and you feel great about it. You don’t like tight dresses but you rather always choose comfy clothes like baggy pants or oversized shirts.

You never leave your house without your sneackers because you feel the best when you wear them.

Other girls sometimes don’t understand you but to some boys you are much more appealing like that then in clothes all other girls wear. If you feel great in something you won’t change it, especially for a guy. 

7. Your perfume doesn’t last long

Girly tomboys like all the girls like perfume but the catch is that they will sweat it off during the day. They will put some perfume in the morning but they will probably do some action and sweat it off.

On the other hand, a normal girl will put some perfume and she won’t do anything the whole day because she wants to smell nice. And she won’t have any fun while the girly tomboy will have the best time of her life.

8. You can’t stand shopping

You can’t understand those girls who spend hours trying to find a perfect dress. When you have to go to shopping you feel bad the whole day because you know you can use it in a better way that being in a shopping mall.

Other girls don’t understand you but you follow your own rules and buy only those things that you urgently need. 

9. It takes you 10 minutes to put on your full make-up

You can get dreesed and apply your make up in only 10 minues. That is what makes you so special and the main reason guys like you.

You only wear a bit of mascara and some baggy clothes but you look better than the rest of the girls who spent hours trying to look nice. You like your own way of dressing and that is what makes the difference when you go out. 

10. You love dresses

You like dresses because you can do a lot of things wearing them. You can  easily pee or even shave your legs in the car. Also, it makes you feel nice because you put some effort and you dressed like a girl.

Guys think it looks fabulous on you and girls think you kick asses with your outfit. The most important thing is that you feel good in everything you wear so you never complicate things.