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10 Signs He’s Just A Fuckboy Who Doesn’t Deserve You

10 Signs He’s Just A Fuckboy Who Doesn’t Deserve You

Take off your rose-tinted glasses right now. He’s handsome and intriguing, I know.

You’re into him—I get that, too.

But, aren’t you tired of dating one fuckboy after another? You deserve someone who tries his best to show you he gives a damn about you.

If he does these things, you need to dump his ass ASAP:

He talks only about himself.

It’s always about him. He doesn’t even want to listen what you have to say because he is too busy talking about himself.

No matter how hot he is, he will eventually become so freaking boring, trust me.

He always cancels plans.

So, something came up. Yeah, right. You always make excuses for him, don’t you? Hate to burst your bubble, but he’s obviously disrespecting you.

It’s okay to cancel when you really can’t make it, but canceling almost every date is a huge red flag. You don’t need anyone who doesn’t want to spend time with you.

He’s a liar.

We don’t need to explain much here.

If he uses lies to trick you and manipulate you, he is definitely not worth it. Lying, cheating bastards should never be part of your life.

He doesn’t text you back.

You are used to waiting for him to reply to your text for ages. Stop fooling yourself that he didn’t get/see the text.

Nope, his phone didn’t break. He just doesn’t feel like answering you. Why? Because he doesn’t need you at the moment.

He calls you only when he needs you.

Yup, that’s how you can be sure his phone works perfectly. That’s when he needs something from you.

Girl, don’t you even dare to please his ass only in those moments when he’s in the mood for something.

You deserve someone who gives a damn about you not only when it’s convenient for him, but all the time.

He flirts with your friends.

This is a special kind of stupid. There are no words available to describe how humiliating and disrespectful this is.

He doesn’t have any ambition in life.

He’s childish, immature, and he thinks he will be able to live like that forever. You’re wasting your precious time with him, dear.

He talks shit about his exes and other women in his life.

Can you sense such hate in his words when he talks about his exes or some other women in his life?

If he talks shit about other women in front of you, he definitely talks shit about you in front of others. Period.

He avoids any kind of commitment.

Yup. That’s why he doesn’t want to be seen in public with you. That’s why he says he doesn’t believe in labels.

That’s why he doesn’t text you back. Should I continue, or you finally get it?

He makes you feel like shit.

It’s like you’re always walking on eggshells because you don’t want to hurt him, but he doesn’t give a damn if his words or actions hurt you.

He makes you feel insecure and anxious.

What the hell are you waiting for? He won’t change. A fuckboy stays a fuckboy, no matter how old he gets!