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10 Signs You Have The Soul Of An ‘Indigo Child’

10 Signs You Have The Soul Of An ‘Indigo Child’

In simple terms, an Indigo Child is a warrior spirit, always challenging and questioning the ways of the world and has a strong sense of a higher purpose. – Unknown

What is an ‘Indigo Child’?

The concept of ‘Indigo Child’ appeared in the 1970’s. This general term can describe children, teenagers or adults. The claim is that ‘Indigo Children’ have special souls, possess special and unusual traits and abilities, and have different ways of thinking and perceiving the world we live in.

‘Indigo Children (or Indigo Kids)’ see everything on a deeper level than the rest of humanity because they are here on a mission to save the world and make it a better place. They are the chosen ones, and that is what makes them truly special.

They are here to right the wrongs, fight for the weak and get rid of the modern pollutants of society.

They are also special because their auras have an unusual color. Royal blue prevails in their auric fields. The royal blue color symbolizes a great change for humanity. It symbolizes Indigo’s purpose to bring humanity wisdom and to free the souls of entrapment of the modern world.

If you’ve always felt like you’re different from others and you’ve always had the feeling that you are here for a reason, that you have a mission to accomplish, you’re most likely one of those gifted souls known as an ‘Indigo Child’.


1. You have a strong sense of a higher purpose

You’ve always known that there is something special about you, but you were never able to decipher what it is. You feel like you have a specific purpose in this life, and you spend a lot of the time contemplating that.

This feeling of a higher purpose is so ingrained in your being that it is impossible to ignore it. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the strong sense of a higher purpose keeps reminding you that you’re here for a reason. It makes you question your actions and decisions which sometimes may drive you crazy.

2. You don’t settle for mediocrity

You always expect a lot of yourself and others, and you are simply unable to be satisfied with mediocrity. You don’t settle for mediocrity because you know you were created for greatness and you want for others to know it, too.

It doesn’t matter if it is a trivial task or a life-changing one. You will always put 100% of yourself into everything you do, and this is a true sign that you possess the soul of an ‘Indigo Child’. Your constant wish for improvement and not settling with mediocrity is what makes you special and different from others.

3. You see the world differently

Most of the time you are aware of other things which most of the people find unable to perceive with their senses. You question everything. You question authorities and all of the information provided by the media. You don’t believe everything someone says to you.

You always weigh what you hear, and you have the ability to see the gaps between poverty and wealth. And you have the ability to understand why this is so, and it makes you go crazy when other people simply don’t want to listen to what you have to say to them.

You cannot deal with the fact that they would rather live in the world of manipulation than open their eyes and realize that they have the ability to change things only if they wanted to. You feel like you are a voice of reason in the sea of misinformation.

4. You’re a freethinker

This one means you’re not afraid to think differently and tell your opinions to anyone, regardless of the subject. This doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate other people’s thoughts. It means you are strong enough to think what you want and humble enough to respect others.

And you’re not afraid to say that you don’t agree on something because you feel it’s your duty to acknowledge it. Sometimes you may have problems with this because others may perceive you as being too honest (and we all know the truth hurts), but this doesn’t bother you because you know you’re here to open their eyes and tell only the truth.

5. You’re highly intuitive

You rely on your feelings rather than facts. You have that little voice inside your head, telling you when something’s right or wrong, and you listen to it. Sometimes you predict certain things without even making an effort to do so.

This intuitive approach helps you to understand yourself and others a lot, and you always rely on it. You never question what your intuition says or orders you to do because you feel it’s a divine force within your being, and it just feels right to listen to it. You have the feeling that your intuition is guiding you through life.

6. You’ve always wanted to change the world

If you’re appalled by all the bad things happening in the world and you’ve always wanted to make the world a better place, you’re can most definitely be sure that you have the gifted soul of an ‘Indigo Child’. And you’re not only thinking about changing things—you are doing it.

All of the nice words you say to someone, caring for animals, caring for your environment and other people in general all mean change. And these small steps lead to bigger changes within society.

7. You are highly creative

You’re creative in everything you do. It doesn’t matter if it is cooking, writing, talking, singing, drawing, etc. You always find a way to give your special touch to everything, and you want it to be perfect. Your creativity is seen in the way you talk, walk and even dress.

You perceive things differently, and you are expressing all of it through your creativity. And when you do something, you’re really into it, and your passion is seen from a mile. When you do something you like, you forget everything around you and devote yourself to that thing.

8. You’re empathetic and compassionate

Your empathetic side is always present, and you cannot help yourself feeling for others and understanding the situation they are in. You are sensitive to injustice, lies, deception and prejudice, and you have the urge to fight all of these and to make the world a better place.

You cannot hold grudges because you’re not that type of a person. You only want everyone to live in peace, prosperity and love. Even if someone hurts you, you will not be mad at them. Rather, you will feel sorry for them because they’re not in touch with themselves.

Love and compassion is your number one priority, and you treat everyone with the same amount of respect, regardless of their professions or status. You’re appalled by boastfulness and disrespect.

9. You are determined

You are determined to achieve things you’ve imagined of achieving, and no one will stand in your way. It doesn’t matter if it is about finishing your college, finding a new job or improving yourself and others. You will always be determined to finish what you’ve started.

You have this strong will to improve things and to become the best version of yourself because you know the change starts within you. And you’re also helping others to achieve the same because you want everyone to be happy and live a carefree life—you know that they deserve it.

10. Sometimes you feel lonely

Sometimes you feel like no one understands you or they are not even trying to understand what you’re saying to them. You end up feeling lonely, thinking there’s something wrong with you.
You feel lonely because your feelings and thoughts are different from most of the people and that is why sometimes it’s really hard to engage in conversations with them.

Your thoughts and topics are on a different level, and you can only make quality conversation with someone who shares your traits of a gifted soul. When you are in the company of other Indigos, you will feel like you’re in your natural habitat, and everything will start making sense to you. You will no longer feel lonely. You will appreciate the perks of being an Indigo.