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10 Signs You Two Make One Badass Couple

10 Signs You Two Make One Badass Couple

There is nothing better than having that crazy connection with your significant other where the two of you are moving in sync and it seems like you can read each other’s mind.

Being that badass couple like Bonnie and Clyde or Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the one that’s true relationship goals, takes more than just love.

It takes crazy chemistry, understanding and will to get it to work together.

But when you’re together, everything seems so easy and worthy of love that you will stop at nothing to make it work, and that’s what true love is all about.

It makes you terrified and thrilled at the same time. Are you and your significant other that badass couple everyone is admiring? Check the list and find out!

1. You are always on the go

Or at least you’re thinking about it. You always have something to do, whether it’s weekend trips or midnight walks across town to get that pie someone mentioned.

It’s all about having fun and making new memories for the two of you. If that’s not relationship goals, I don’t know what is. Maybe binge-watching Game of Thrones together to oblivion too.

2. You make decisions together

Making decisions together is incredibly important for maintaining a healthy relationship. But for the two of you, it’s something that comes naturally.

You know you can rely on each other and you want each other in your life. And there’s no pouting for not appreciating the other, because you both do it all the time.

3. You boost each other’s confidence

When you’re together, there is no wondering whether one of you is less worthy or if there’s something they should change about themself or their appearance.

You make each other feel good and wanted, even when you just woke up, still drooling and with your hair looking like a bird’s nest. You’d be surprised how rare it is these days.

4. You like the relationship as it is

For you, your relationship is perfect as it is and there is nothing you want to change about it. You are satisfied where you are now and even if things move forward, you know you’ll still be happy, just because you will move forward with them. And that’s what this is all about, having someone who makes your day just by existing.

5. You are true relationship goals

And your friends have said it to you more than once. The thing is, you don’t really care who’s around you and how long you have been separated.

When you’re together it seems like some kind of a force draws you to each other. You will be talking to other people but you’ll still be in sync.

You will sit next to each other without touching but the heat in the room will be through the roof. Your love, chemistry and connection are what make you one hell of a badass couple!

6. You are genuinely happy

When you look back on all the heartbreaks and failed relationships, the times when you were worried if things would ever fall into place, you wonder why you were ever worried.

You look back at your pain and you know that it was all with a purpose, that it was all worth it because it led you to him. And you are happy.

You are happy for waking up next to him, you are happy falling asleep with him and just the thought of having him in your life fills you up with happiness that it almost feels like you’re flying.

7. Your communication is awesome

You tease each other and have a great time. But even if one of you is wrong, you have no problem with telling the other.

Your communication is always open and there is no fear of saying something wrong or bringing up something from the past, because you know you will be accepted.

And talking about the future is not taboo, you check it off your list regularly and with ease.

8. You’re freaks in the sheets and that’s more than okay

You are comfortable with each other all the way, including various kinks and desires in bed. Some ideas don’t get accepted and that’s completely okay with you.

But talking and trying out new things is what keeps your sex life at its peak all throughout the relationship.

9. You always have each other’s back

You don’t really care what someone has to say about your significant other, because you know their flaws and virtues and you love him for all of them.

But when someone dares to trashtalk your partner in front of you, you have no problem with giving them a taste of their own medicine. And you know that he would do the same for you.

10. You’re yourself around each other

Being accepted and loved the way you are is what books are written about and many beautiful songs are sung about. That pure love that knows no boundaries, no limits and no expiration date.

Love that loves you when you don’t know how to love yourself. Love that doesn’t see your stretch marks, your scars or your messy hair.

It’s the love that sees you for who you are and loves you for it. And all those games, all those fake laughs and smiles you left somewhere in the past, right before you met him, you left them together with any worries about your appearance and acceptance, because he chased them all away.

His smile, his embrace and his love are what it’s all about. And you know he feels the same with you.