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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Actually Your Best Friend

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Actually Your Best Friend

When someone told me before that their boyfriend is also their best friend, I didn’t quite believe them.

But today, when the same thing is happening to me, I totally understand it!

As a matter of fact, it would actually sound weird if it weren’t so because your partner is someone with whom you spend great amounts of your time and you bond with each other on so many levels, so why not become best friends as well?

After all, sharing a deep friendship with your boyfriend is the ultimate sign of a healthy and successful relationship.

It is the greatest foundation of all, one that every relationship should be built on.

And if you’re wondering whether your boyfriend is actually your best friend as well, here are 10 top signs that you’re more than just a couple!

So, stay tuned!

You tell each other everything

It doesn’t matter if you had an argument with your girls about makeup, a clothing item, or something else that guys really don’t understand at all, you still tell him about it.

You do so because you feel comfortable sharing with him everything and more, and he totally understands it.

He actually encourages you to tell him everything because he wants to be an active participant in your life – because he’s your best friend.

He’s your best shopping partner

Whenever you go shopping, you always call on your boyfriend to help you decide which outfit suits you best.

And he always makes sure to be there, helping you with different colors, patterns, and designs that always appear to be the best choice.

Without a doubt, he’s the best shopping partner that every girl would dream of having.

You always have fun together, no matter what you do

You can simply go to the store and you’ll make it an interesting experience, or you could merely stare at the ceiling and have the time of your life because it doesn’t matter where you are.

The only thing that matters is that you’re together.

Somehow you feel like you would rather do anything with your boyfriend than with someone else.

Spending lots of time together and enjoying it to the fullest is a huge indicator that your boyfriend is more than just your partner.

He’s actually your best friend too.

You don’t bother much about your makeup when hanging out with him

Of course you care about your looks, but you don’t stress that much about your makeup or the perfect clothes when hanging out with your boyfriend.

You prefer to be all natural because that’s how you feel most comfortable, and he loves it too!

He always make you feel like you’re the prettiest girl in the world, no matter what you’re wearing and how you look, because he loves you the way you are and he loves you both as his best friend and girlfriend.

You’re really comfy with each other’s weirdness

You could say the most stupid thing in the world in front of each other, and you wouldn’t mind it at all.

On the contrary, it would sound natural to you because you feel really comfortable with each other’s weirdness.

You don’t have problems making fools out of each other, no matter what you’re doing.

It’s more like your unique way of talking and connecting with each other that other people simply wouldn’t understand.

You share a deep connection with each other

You love him with all of your body and heart, just like he loves you. But, it’s not just that.

You also feel really connected to each other that when something’s funny, you don’t even have to say it out loud.

You need only look at each other’s faces and you understand everything.

When your boyfriend is also your best friend, you simply feel it in every fiber of your being.

You feel like there is something more to it and you’re totally right!

He’s more like a part of your family

Yup. Your boyfriend is a legitimate part of your family, even though he just met them.

Your family can’t help but love him and regard him as one of them.

This is a big sign that your family is also treating him like much more than just your boyfriend, and you know it too!

You let one loose around him

This is a funny one, but totally valid!

By “letting one loose around him,” you probably assume what I’m referring to and that is farting in front of each other.

In many relationships, this one stays a taboo for a long time or until they become more comfortable with each other.

And if you don’t have any problems with farting in front of your boyfriend (just as he doesn’t mind doing so in front of you), then you can be one hundred percent sure that your boyfriend is actually your best friend as well!

You know exactly how to make each other’s day

Whenever you’re feeling down or you had a bad day at work, he simply knows how to cheer you up (and vice versa).

When he sees that you’re in a bad mood, he doesn’t ask many questions.

He orders your favorite food, cracks a couple of jokes, and he makes fun of the situation (if it is possible) so that you feel better instantly.

You know exactly what to do in every possible situation because you know each other so well.

The thought of growing old together doesn’t freak you out

Usually couples freak out when they think of growing older together or getting older in general.

But, this is not the case with you.

The thought of growing old together feels totally natural to you and, in fact, you’re making fun of it by imagining what you’re going to look like when you’re gray.

And you know that no matter what happens, you’ll never stop being partners in crime and best friends, because you feel that your souls belong to each other and you’re much more than just a couple.

You’re two bodies and hearts beating as one.