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To Every Girl Who Is Hurting And Healing At The Same Time

To Every Girl Who Is Hurting And Healing At The Same Time

Lately, it’s like you yourself can’t define the state of your heart and soul.

You are going through a real roller coaster of emotions and you can’t seem to control the way you feel, as much as you try to.

There are days when you think you are completely over everything that’s been bothering you, days when you feel stronger and more empowered than ever.

Days when you think your broken heart is fixed and that there is nothing from the past holding you back anymore.

These are the days when you are full of hope in a better tomorrow.

When you are optimistic and positive about the bright future that surely awaits you.

However, there also exists the other side of the coin.

There are days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, days when you are haunted by the past.

Days when you feel like you haven’t moved an inch and as if you’ll be forever stuck in this overwhelming pain that’s been consuming you.

You can’t help but wonder how this is even possible.

Is the fact that you are going through stages like these a sign that you aren’t making any progress?

Does it mean that you aren’t healing properly just because you are still hurting at the same time?

First and foremost, you need to understand that moving on doesn’t have a deadline. It is a process which has a different pace for every person.

I know that you are probably surrounded by people who keep on giving you different pieces of advice and who expect you to be fully recovered by the time they’ve planned it to happen.

Maybe you are even ashamed because you are convinced you are taking too long to get yourself back up.

Well, what you obviously don’t know is that healing takes time, devotion and energy.

Trust me—it is nothing strange if you are having some better and some worse days during this process.

So please, instead of judging yourself for the times when the pain takes over you, be proud of all the progress you’ve made.

Instead of focusing on the times when you allowed the demons of the past to get to you, focus on all those moments when you successfully escaped them.

Instead of being so hard on yourself, from time to time, try giving yourself a break.

Instead of being disappointed about the fact that you still haven’t fully let go of the pain that’s been holding you back, be happy about the fact that you’ve come this far.

Instead of thinking of yourself as weak, see how strongly you’ve put up with everything that’s been breaking you lately.

Yes, you can be healing and hurting at the same.

There is nothing strange in being scared and brave simultaneously and nothing weird about feeling both strong and vulnerable.

What is important is not to let the bad days get to you.

Not to allow the part of you which is still hurting to take over the one which is in the process of healing.

Not to give up just because you had a bad day and ruin all the good ones that await you in the future.

What is important is to have faith that there is always light at the end of every tunnel.

To believe in your own strength and to never even for a second think that you won’t make it out of this.

To keep yourself focused on the sunny days instead of wasting all of your energy and racking your brain about the stormy episodes.

You just need to remember what your final goal is.

You need to stick to your path, knowing that all this pain you still haven’t gotten rid of completely is nothing more than a bump in the road, an obstacle you will go through, a challenge you will defeat and a struggle you will win.

So every time you think of giving up, push yourself to move forward. Because one of these days, you will heal for good.

One of these days, all the pain will be gone and it won’t have any impact on you whatsoever.

When that happens, you’ll see that all of this struggle was worth it.

And you’ll be proud of yourself about the fact that you’ve made it out alive and stronger than ever.