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10 Signs You’re Experiencing A Twin Flame Kind Of Relationship

10 Signs You’re Experiencing A Twin Flame Kind Of Relationship

If you thought you knew everything about relationships and love, I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you are wrong.

For far too long, we were neglecting our soul connections because we were too blinded by searching for somebody to match our physical expectations.

Because we were choosing what’s fit for the eye and not what’s really fit for us, we’ve been witnesses and victims of too many toxic relationships in our lives.

Only you can know the deep scars you are wearing in your soul because you have chosen wrongly.

But before you give up on dating or sharing the rest of your life with somebody else, you need to know something.

There is somebody out there who’s a perfect match to you and your soul.

There is a perfect mirror of you, and there is one more soul the same as yours but just in another body.

It would be really sad to know you’ve given up on love before you even had the chance to go through a twin flame relationship.

You know how I know you never had one? Because if you did, you’d never given up on love.

You must be thinking, “What on Earth is Twin Flame now?”

A twin flame is your person. A twin flame is a true reflection of who you really are.

Your twin flame mirrors your fears and your weaknesses, but not in a way that you become a double mess.

This mirroring is mutual, and you’re experiencing it so you could reflect on your fears, flaws, and weaknesses, and go through them together.

They are all mirrored so you can overcome them once and for all.

You and your twin flame are two halves of one soul in different bodies. It’s a person who completes you and actually makes you whole.

Where did this all come from and what’s the definition of ‘Twin Flame’?

The term ‘twin flame’ originally came from Greek mythology.

The story tells how we were all once attached to our twin flame, but because we were so powerful, Zeus divided our souls into two pieces and put each half into two different human beings, so we could spend our whole life searching for our other half.

Today, your twin flame represents something utterly metaphysical.

It represents two humans on Earth who are of the same consciousness, the same vibrations—like twins who are divided into two entities: one with a greater amount of feminine energy and another with a greater amount of masculine energy.

A twin flame kind of relationship is an ultimate relationship where partners love, respect, honor, and see each other as equals since it’s how they were created.

It’s also a very intense relationship that sometimes can be chaotic, stressful, but mostly harmony and balance outweigh any negatives.

If you give it a thought or two, you’ll soon come to realize that most humans have the desire and need to meet our other half, often misinterpreted as a ‘soulmate’.

See, the catch is that anybody can be your soulmate—your mother, your brother, your bestie, but you can only have one twin flame that belongs to your soul.

And what you should strive for in your life, among many other things, is to meet your twin flame.

Very often, the two souls that are apart are very distant from each other physically.

Even if you meet, in most cases, one of them (or both) are in a relationship or even worse—married.

There are only a few lucky ones on this Earth to be revered with the gift of being able to spend the rest of their life as a complete person—together with their twin flame.

Those lucky ones, most probably, have been in previous relationships that might’ve prepared them for a twin flame kind of relationship.

You needed to go through sticks and stones in order to be ready and rewarded with this kind of relationship. Because this kind of relationship is a lifetime gift.

In order not to mistake a twin flame relationship, we bring you the signs below:

You’re constantly shaken with the feeling that you’re meant to be.

When you meet your twin flame, automatically you feel the connection. And the gold behind it is the fact that it never fades away.

Regardless of people or miles that might stand between the two of you, you still feel that you are one soul in two bodies.

You’ve opened a new way of thinking.

This new way of thinking is usually called ‘awakened’. You start observing this Universe from a totally new point of view, and your twin flame helps you in it.

Together, you talk and explore all the meanings of your lives, of happiness and sadness, and everything that comes with it.

There is a magnetic pull towards one another.

Although you might’ve been apart for months or even years, there is this feeling that something is missing in your life.

One side of the twin flame might experience vivid dreams of the other side or even feel the presence of the other even though you might have never met in life.

You’re a living example of Yin and Yang.

You complete each other in terms of good and bad as well. One’s dark side is balanced by the light side of another and vice-versa.

Your emotions are overruling your judgments.

Sometimes, because of the intenseness of the feelings that you experience when you encounter your twin flame, you turn your brain off or you silence it in most cases.

The thing is, your ‘sixth sense’ turns on, and you just ‘feel’ what needs to be done. The other side of it, in most cases, to listen to the sixth sense is the best thing you could do.

You constantly struggle between passion and worry.

As previously said, what you feel is intense, but you worry, and you question everything that’s happening between the two of you.

This mostly happens because your consciousness gets more awakened, and you can’t help but analyze every situation you get yourself into and wonder why are you in the place that you are.

Once you meet, your paths keep crossing.

You are able to read each other.

When it comes to your twin flame, another sign of your connection is the fact that you can predict each other’s next move.

You can read what they want without even them saying it out loud, and you can guess each other’s reactions before there is a need to react in the first place.

You don’t change, you evolve.

Twin flame partners don’t push one another to change or to become somebody they’re not.

This is more a sign of toxic partners. When it comes to twin flame partners, they evolve together.

They help each other make progress in life, to think outside of the box, and at the very end, to be the better version of themselves every day.

You’re getting to know yourself.

Once you see another part of yourself, once you get to be complete, you’ll allow yourself to be honest, and you will confess to yourself what makes you most happy and what are the things you desire the most in your life.

Once you connect with your twin flame, it’s a connection that can not be broken. You can’t break it, you can’t bury it, and most definitely, you can’t ignore it.

The only thing you can do is to put all your trust in that very relationship and thank the Universe you were among those lucky ones that don’t have to wander through life without their other halves.

  1. Ann says:

    This is ridiculous and anyone that is actually in this connection knows it. Please stop writing this nonsense. Educate yourself about the connection. Thank you.

    A true twin flame

  2. Charlene Boring says:

    I am one of the lucky ones…I have my twin flame and we are “amazing” together….counting my blessings every day….thanking the Lord always for our kids and grandkids, family and friends….

  3. Lynn says:

    This just sounds like an affair to me created out of lust and that will never stand the test of time