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The Beauty Of Being Broken

The Beauty Of Being Broken

We’re all a bit broken, aren’t we? And we’re still beautiful human beings who deserve to see that there is more to life than things and people who broke us. When you get broken, the story doesn’t end. It’s where your story starts, in fact.

When you get broken, and it usually happens when you trust somebody with your whole heart, you feel like it’s the end of the world. You repeatedly say how you can’t do it anymore and you question the meaning of everything.

All you have inside are dark thoughts because there isn’t space for happiness when you get broken. There is only dark and dark is so damn scary when you’re broken.

Once you’re left alone in the dark room, all that you’ve been through, all the demons start flooding your mind, whether in the form of a person or your insecurities.

And there isn’t anything you can do other than to let it overwhelm you. That’s why you feel like you’re choking. No matter how hard you swim, you’re still sinking.

I wish there was a magic wand to heal broken people, but there isn’t. And whatever advice I give you might not apply. The only one constant that heals brokenness is time.

You need time to heal. You need time to process what happened to you. You need time to be able to think clearly about what you went through exactly and you need time to be able to wrap your mind around the lessons you learned once you got broken. There is so much beauty there with the time.

See, you loved and you got broken and that’s fucking heroic if you ask me. Despite knowing that there are bad people who’ll take your heart and squeeze the life out of it with their bare hands before your own eyes, you still did it.

You loved despite knowing better and you got broken. You got left with a heart full of cracks, eyes full of tears and a head full of fears.

Despite your demons, you get up every morning and you fight through the day like only you can. You fight each new day that tries to break you again. You might be broken, but you’re still a warrior, you’re still a hero.

The ugly side of being broken is that the world doesn’t stop for you. But that’s also the beauty of it.

When you get broken, you hit rock bottom, but you don’t have to stay there. Right there, down at the bottom, you have the chance to start all anew. You have the opportunity to start your journey towards the top and make sure this time you do it right.

When you get broken, you become an empty shell. But eventually, if you decide to fight it, you can create the new beautiful pearl. You can be everything you’ve never been.

You can learn to see the world through different eyes and that broken pieces can add more value to your life if you learn how to use them. After getting broken, the pain is inevitable, but how much you suffer is up to you.

The more you allow yourself to feel, the quicker you’ll get over it. Just try to look at it as one episode of your life – the whole show doesn’t need to be about it.

When you get broken, your love gets broken, too. But what you don’t know is that once broken, you will always be able to love harder than before. Once you’ve been in the dark, you learn to appreciate everything that shines.

You end up loving again, you end up having other people to fill the cracks one person caused. You end up marrying someone wonderful who promises to love you forever. You end up having kids and catching up with the life that left you when you got broken.

You become a bit less broken every day, because each time somebody else loves you, your cracks get filled up with golden love. And each time somebody other than the person who broke you decides to pour more love into your broken heart, it ends up being more beautiful and shinier than ever before.

Never-broken hearts don’t shine like broken ones, because there are no cracks to pour love into. And that’s the most beautiful part about it.

Sleep peacefully. You gave your all. You loved with your heart. Your bruised heart is just a sign you lived and love without holding back. Not many people have courage for that.