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10 Signs You’ve Been Living Under A Rock (And How To Stop It)

10 Signs You’ve Been Living Under A Rock (And How To Stop It)

Do other people make you feel weird sometimes? Do you have the feeling that you’re constantly missing something or that you’re always the last one laughing at someone’s joke?

If yes, there’s a possibility that you’ve been living under a rock without being aware of it.

What Does ‘Living Under A Rock’ Actually Mean?

It means that you’re ignorant and unaware of the things happening in the outside world. This doesn’t have to necessarily be bad.

There are some pros and cons to living under a rock and it’s up to you to decide whether this type of lifestyle influences you negatively or positively.

There are various reasons for deciding to live under a rock.

Perhaps you don’t have time for the outside world because you’re too busy being in the world that you’ve designed for yourself, or you’re simply an introvert and you find it hard to socialize and be open to new things, or you’re afraid of all of the negativity that might influence your well-being.

If you’re wondering if you’re one of those people who is dwelling under a rock, continue reading and I’m sure you’ll find your answer.


1. You are particular about the things that interest you

You engage only in those activities that you’re comfortable with.

You have an imaginary list of things that you’re interested in and you never thought of expanding it.

When someone asks you what your hobbies are, your answers have remained the same for years.

Perhaps you have a fear of failure that you will not be good at something and that prevents you from trying other things as well. It subconsciously limits your interests and with it, your knowledge as well.

2. You’re not good at basic things

You are good at some of the most complex things like programming but you don’t know how to make scrambled eggs.

And this doesn’t bother you at all because you know your priorities and you don’t bother learning something that is not in your interests.

You satisfy yourself with mediocrity because you have no time to improve yourself in all the fields and not just in those that interest you.

3. You’re afraid of being judged

Most of the time, you spend it being afraid of being judged by others for something you don’t understand or you don’t know how to do.

And that is why you wisely choose the people you’re going to hang out with because you don’t feel comfortable being with others who don’t understand you.

You find yourself talking only to those who don’t judge you and you’re perfectly fine with this, even though you subconsciously know that you’re limiting yourself when it comes to socializing.

4. You pretend you understand what someone is talking about

Sometimes you find yourself pretending that you understand what someone is talking about or you pretend to laugh at their jokes.

You do this because you are afraid that they are going to laugh at you if they find out that you don’t understand the core of the conversation.

Sometimes you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom only to avoid any potentially awkward situations if you’re not familiar with the topic.

And that is when you start contemplating why you don’t know the things you are expected to know.

5. You never sing at clubs because you don’t know any of the lyrics

When it comes to clubbing, you simply dance and move your lips so that people think you are singing.

But, deep down in your soul, you pray to God that they will buy it and that you will not make a fool out of yourself in front of a girl or boy you like.

And when you get home, you don’t bother searching for that particular song you found interesting.

Instead, you keep doing things you’re good at, not giving a damn what others will think of you if you don’t know the songs that are trending.

6. You’re not concerned with the things that are trending

You always seem to stick out from the crowd because of your weird sense of fashion or behavior. You don’t bother wearing something only because it is in trend right now.

You only buy things you feel most comfortable with and you would never bother buying something you see others have.

7. You ask stupid questions

Sometimes you surprise people with your questions that turn out to be stupid.

And you can see by the looks on their faces that they are thinking that you are a lunatic or they even think that you’re making jokes on them.

But in your mind, the question seemed completely normal and you don’t understand why the things you ask are regarded as stupid.

Then you start questioning everything and maybe even pretend that you were just joking, just to alleviate the awkwardness of the situation.

8. You live in a bubble

You live in your perfect, isolated bubble, away from the rest of world and you are happy.

You don’t bother with the negative things of the real world because you’re not ready to deal with them.

Even when something bad happens, you avoid asking about the details because you want to believe that everything’s fine and this is how you preserve the ‘artificial’ happiness.

But when you’re forced to leave the bubble you’ve been living in, you find yourself hard to recover afterward.

9. You are afraid of new things

You’re not willing to try anew game that has just been released or to watch that movie everyone is talking about.

You have your own routine and you don’t bother with new things or challenges.

When you receive an invitation from a friend to go do something new and exciting, you instantly reject it, without even asking what it is about.

10. You don’t watch television or any other media

You only watch your favorite show on repeat, even though you’ve seen it five times by now.

You’re appalled by everything they are showing on television and that is why you’ve completely abandoned the idea of chilling in front of the TV.

When someone proposes you go see a movie, you don’t even think about giving it a chance because this would mean that you have to give up your favorite show.


1. Read, read, and read some more

Reading will expand your vocabulary and it will enrich your knowledge as well.

But make sure that you don’t read only things you’re interested in. Read about everything in the world, read about the most trivial things if needed and you’ll be good.

2. Watch tutorials

If you’re unsure how to do something, you can always watch tutorials.

Don’t give up doing something just because you think you’re not competent at doing it.

Watch tutorials on a daily basis and you’ll learn a lot about different things and you’ll improve your current knowledge as well.

3. Be open to new things

Try to get out of your bubble and be open to new experiences and exciting things in life.

When someone invites you to do something different, don’t make excuses that you don’t have time or you’re too busy doing something else.

Always be open to new things because that is the key to improvement and thinking outside the box.