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This Is Why She Can’t Keep Forgiving You

This Is Why She Can’t Keep Forgiving You

For a long time, this girl believed in all of your promises, while you were doing nothing but playing her for a fool.

She kept trying to find excuses for you mistreating her and kept hoping that you’d become the man you swore you’d be.

She kept justifying you and kept waiting for you to change your ways. She kept forgiving you for everything you’d been putting her through.

You might have thought that she was foolish to believe you and to always forgive you. You might have considered her to be crazy. But the truth is that she was only crazy about you.

Because this girl is anything but stupid. And that is why she decided she has had enough. That is why she has decided to put a stop to this charade and to say her final goodbye.

The truth is that she still has a heart of gold but there is no room for you in it anymore.

žThe truth is that this girl is done with believing in your lies. The truth is that she can’t keep forgiving you and that she doesn’t want to let you play with her anymore.

You know, she can’t keep forgiving you because you’ve violated her trust more than once.

Because every time she started believing that this time would be different and that you would finally change, you would end up doing something even worse than before.

This girl isn’t someone who will cut you off on your first strike because she believes in people. And she believed in you, even when that was the last thing you deserved.

But she doesn’t want to continue forgiving you because you’ve really crossed the line. Because she is sick and tired of giving you endless second chances.

Because every time she took you back and every time she decided to give this relationship another try, you ruined it. You blew all the chances she gave you.

You never saw her forgiveness as an opportunity to do better. Instead, you acted like she was giving you permission to keep hurting her, as if she was giving you a green light to continue breaking her heart.

She cannot keep forgiving you because you started taking her for granted a while ago.

Because you started assuming that there was nothing you could do for her to stop loving you or for her to walk away from you for good, no matter how much you hurt her.

Because you were always treating her as if you knew that she would stay by your side, despite all the emotional pain you were causing her.

The truth is that you’ve been taking advantage of her and of the way she loves you.

That you used her grace and forgiving heart as a chance to treat her the way you wanted, without ever thinking of the emotional consequences your behavior was leaving on her.

But most of all—she can’t force herself to continue forgiving you, even if she wanted to because you never felt sorry for anything you put her through.

Yes, you told her that you were sorry hundreds of times. But none of your apologies were ever honest.

You never tried walking in her shoes and looking at things from her point of view.

You never put in the effort to really understand everything you’d been doing to this girl for years.

You never really felt any blame for all the emotional damage you caused her.

You never felt guilty for any of her tears and you never thought you were responsible for her heartbreaks.

Maybe you were unaware of all the pain you caused her. Or you just tried to justify yourself by never looking the truth in the eyes.

Or you are just an insensitive asshole who doesn’t care what he is doing to someone who loves him.

Either way, the truth is that you’ve never shown any sign of real resentment.

The truth is that hurting her doesn’t haunt you.

The truth is that you’ve never shown her that you were honestly sorry for all the bad things you’d done.

And what is the point of constantly forgiving someone who clearly doesn’t want to be forgiven?