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10 Subtle Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

10 Subtle Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

Reading a woman’s mind can be very difficult because they usually never say what they really think.

They will show you what they want in a million ways but not all of the guys have the click to instantly figure out what a woman wants from them.

That’s why men are faced with being called names. Usually, they miss the signs women send if they want them to make a move or they misinterpret signs and make a move which ends in total embarrassment.

Actually, no one can blame them because every woman is different and the signs they send are, too.

And no matter how experienced you are with flirting, it can go the absolute opposite way than you expected.

So, how to know that she wants you to make a move? As I already said, women and men are two different worlds.

Men usually come on strong with no beating around the bush. They go straight to the point. If they like you, they will make you aware of that.

The rest is up to you. But women send signals, and not too obvious ones.

They like to keep it subtle and leave the rest to men. It’s up to them to interpret those signals. If they succeed, great; if not, well, let’s say that ship is going to sail.

Here are some of the signs that a woman wants you to make a move:

1. She looks at your lips

Imagine the two of you on a date and while you’re talking, you notice her eyes looking at something else except your eyes.

It’s the same thing men do only with boobs. You can’t help your eyes drift away in another direction.

She does the same thing. She looks at your lips and she wonders if are you a good kisser and essentially, she wants you to shut up and kiss her.

2. She is warm and open to you

Her body language is doing all the talking instead of her. She is not closing, but she is leaning towards you.

She is inviting you to get close to her. Also, she seems relaxed around you.

You can clearly see that she enjoys your company. You can notice this by the way she breathes.

If her breaths are deeper and slower, it means she feels comfortable around you and you should definitely make a move.

3. She is batting her eyelashes

If you see her fluttering her eyelashes to you, it’s definitely a sign that she likes you and wants you to make a move.

But, just to be sure, before you do something that cannot be undone, wait to see if there are some other signals she likes you.

You don’t want to make a move and get rejected because something got stuck in her eye.

4. She is moving closer to you

Imagine the two of you at the same place at the same time and she constantly finds excuses to be close to you and to touch you.

Whether it’s her attempt to be shoulder-to-shoulder next to you or knee-to-knee, she most definitely wants to take advantage of being near you.

If by the end of the night your bodies press against each other and you feel the crazy chemistry, she really wants you to make a move on her.

5. She accidentally touches you

By touching you, consciously or unconsciously, she wants to send signals to remind you that she is here for you, ready to be swept off her feet.

If a woman doesn’t like someone she will avoid physical contact, but if it happens that she is constantly touching you, whether in the middle of a conversation or when you greet on the street, she definitely wants you to make a move.

6. The two of you end up alone

This one is pretty obvious. She wouldn’t allow herself to be alone with you if she doesn’t have some kind of feelings for you.

Being alone with you means that she is comfortable around you and she trusts you enough to be alone with you.

The fact that the two of you are alone doesn’t have to mean she wants to have sex with you right away, but other things are not excluded.

Take advantage of this situation because if she likes you and you do nothing, she will doubt you have any interest in her and she might back off.

7. She asks you personal questions

If she starts asking you questions about your hobbies and family, she really wants you to make a move on her.

This means she wants to know more about you than just the surface.

You can easily confuse this with politeness, but if the questions are truly personalized to you, she is definitely interested in you.

8. She maintains eye contact

Maybe you are telling a story and she is listening carefully, staring into your eyes.

Now, this can be also creepy, but her look is not like that. Her look is combined with a mild smile and tilted head.

She is really interested in what you’ve got to say and she feels comfortable enough to look you directly in your eyes.

If this happens more than once, you have to kiss her the next time it happens.

9. She shows off her cleavage

It’s a commonly known fact that men love boobs. So, if she really likes you she will be popping out those beauties for you more than she usually does.

And let me say one thing, boobs are a beautiful thing and it would be a shame to hide them all the time.

Also, if she doesn’t have the need to cover up her cleavage before talking to you, then it’s a green light. Go!

10. Her friends ask if you are interested in her

Her friends tease you about her. Some women don’t feel comfortable confronting their feelings for someone and actually doing something about it, so they will send a friend to do their dirty work.

This may seem a bit childish, but hey if it’s stupid and it works….