Women are complicated—we know. Often, they’ll say one thing but think something entirely different.

Then they expect you to read their minds, and they get angry with you if you didn’t guess what they wanted.

The similar thing happens when they are attracted to you. If they really do like you, they will never admit it and approach you out of the blue.

Wouldn’t dating be much simpler if we all just walked to our crush straightforwardly, without beating around the bush?

All you would need to do is to be brave enough to squeeze a couple of sentences through your teeth: “I like you.
Do you like me? Should we give it a try?” It would be as simple as that.

No mind-reading, no wrapping your head around whether she’s interested or not.

But, unfortunately, or luckily, things don’t go that way—I said luckily because maybe dating and chasing girls would be kind of boring if it were so simple.

Living in suspense, waiting for that ‘yes or no’ text brings a certain thrill to the whole thing.

It leaves us with memories, bad and happy ones, funny or embarrassing situations—something that we can remember and think about in the future.
Don’t be down.

It’s not impossible to enter a woman’s mind—you’ll have to do your best, but it’s not impossible.
All you need to learn are a few body language hacks to tell if a girl likes you.

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Eye contact

close up portrait of woman looking back
Eyes are the mirrors of the soul. If you look into someone’s eyes, you can hack exactly how that person feels and what she thinks. Eyes will never deceive you.

If she looks at you several times, she is definitely into you. Believe me, she really wants you to be aware of the fact someone is watching you.

But, women wouldn’t be women if they didn’t complicate things. There are two kinds of looks.

One is straightforward—and you’ve hit a home run—while the other is subtle. She looks at you, but she hides the fact that she looks at you.

These girls that are hiding will never ever approach you—either they are shy or they simply don’t have enough confidence to start up a conversation. Either way, eye contact is a winner.

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Playing with her hair

side view of smiling blonde woman leaning on the wall
Nice, long, shiny hair is a powerful sign of sexuality and femininity—and women are aware of that.

So, if a girl who has an eye on you is playing with her hair while you are around, if she’s tossing it, it’s a body language sign she likes you.

Also, there are a few more telltale signs she is interested. She’ll probably tilt her head or stretch out and touch her neck like it’s sore and she is hurting—in translation, “I need a neck massage badly”.

Make sure you are the one who’s going to make the pain go away.

Physical touch

close up photo of couple holding hands
It’s a common fact that women avoid touching people they don’t like.

But if she likes you, she will take advantage of any given opportunity to touch you.

She might lightly hit you on the hand if you told a good joke or she might place her hand on our shoulder when she sees you and asks how you’re doing.

Any contact is a good sign, even those ‘accidental’ ones like brushing against you in the hallway just to feel your abs.

Women are teasers when they flirt, and they love the game of chasing more than you think.

Seductive looks

close up photo of beautiful woman

A signature move for all infatuated women is a seductive look over her shoulder, exposing the other side of her neck.

Bare skin shows vulnerability—she is showing she is a delicate flower that needs to be nurtured.

She is seducing you with her look. Believe me, no one does it better. They just have those things in them.

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A woman can use her lips so your jaw drops and you want to take her into your arms as soon as possible—in these situations you are helpless.

A lot of women use the situation when they know a guy is watching them to make moves with their lips which make your knees shake.

They will either bite their lower lip in slow motion pretending they are completely unaware that you are watching them and slobbering like a cartoon character, or they will lick them slowly to moisten them.

Also, putting on lipstick in a sensual way is one of their strongest weapons. No one can stay indifferent watching those pro moves.


long black haired woman smiling
A true and honest smile is the best thing that you can see. Seeing someone genuinely happy to be in your company.

That is most surely one of the strongest body language signs she likes you.

But be careful, don’t misinterpret her smiling to you—maybe she is a person who smiles a lot.

Check if she’s smiling to others as often as she is to you. If she’s not, you got it in the bag!

Back arching

woman wearing top lace outside during night
This can be a tricky one. Back arching is a tool for seduction from a distance.

A woman arches her back to make her breasts more prominent and her physique elegant, thus seductive.

Why can it be a tricky one? Don’t mistake stretching for seduction. Maybe she was just tired—always double check the signs on your list.


portrait of cute woman wearing rose sweatshirt
Shy girls really don’t know how to hide the fact that they like someone.

Even if they are standing across the room, if you merely glance at her, she will blush.

Of course, there are other reasons for them to blush, but if this happens more than once, then the reason is you.

Seductive walk

gorgeous woman walking on street
She will make excuses just to pass by you. And guess what? It will not be an ordinary walk.

She will walk slowly by you, waving her lovely hips back and forth to make them more prominent. It’s her weapon for capturing your attention.

Look over the shoulder

close up photo of woman looking over shoulder
Women have a very specific look they will give someone when they’re interested in them.

She will slightly raise her shoulder and look back at you, so you get a side profile.

This is a pose you’re most likely to see in magazines. If she looks over her shoulder at you with a smile on her face, that’s a surefire sign that she’s into you.

If you catch her looking at you more than once, what are you waiting for?

She can’t keep her eyes off of you and obviously, she can’t take the smile off of her face while she’s doing it.

Leg crosses

woman in dress with crossed legs sitting on chair
This is something she can’t control, because she is either nervous or she wants you to know that you have her undivided attention.

Next time, pay attention to where her knee is pointing. If it’s pointing at you, then go for it because it’s a clear sign she likes you.

Fiddling with the jewelry

9 Body Language Signs Of A Girl Who's Into You
If a girl is playing with her jewelry while she’s talking to you, that’s a sign that she’s into you.

She’s not aware of it—it’s the same like playing with her hair or crossing her legs.

She’s so lost in you, in your words and in nervousness that she can’t control little movements she does with her legs or hands.

If she’s playing with her necklace, ring or twisting her earrings, the only thing that’s left for you to see is on which level she’s interested in you.

Her voice pitches around you

smiling woman looks down while sitting outside
This is another thing women can’t control when they’re with someone they like.

Her pitch will get a bit higher once she’s around you, and you can see that she’s interested in you by watching how excited she acts.

On the other hand, if a woman doesn’t like a man, her voice will get deeper.

Either way, pay attention to her behavior and always double check all the signs.

Some women are simply natural flirters—that has nothing to do with her liking you.

Here you are guys—thirteen proven body language signs that a girl is into you.

Check how many you have gotten from the list and make a move—it will be worth it!

9 Body Language Signs Of A Girl Who's Into You