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10 Surprising Factors That Influence Sexual Attraction

10 Surprising Factors That Influence Sexual Attraction

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes you attractive to others?

Is sexual attraction primarily linked with physical appearance only? Or does sexual attraction have something to do with the way you talk, walk, or maybe even smell?

Well, you might be surprised now, but it actually does! Many people think that to be sexually attracted to someone, they have to wear a perfect outfit, have a perfect hairstyle, makeup, and so on.

Summarized, many of us think that in order to attract someone, we have to make an effort to boost our physical appearance because in our heads that is the main trigger of attraction.

But, science says otherwise! According to one study, there are multiple random factors that influence sexual attraction, of which many of us simply weren’t aware.

Now, imagine how much time you’ll spare in future regarding your physical appearance because most attracting factors are actually innately part of you that you can’t really influence or things of which you’re totally unaware!

1. The colors you wear can make you more attractive to others

You’re probably familiar with the fact that women who wear red are multiple times more attractive to others than women who wear any other color.

But, what you probably didn’t know is that men who wear blue or black color are deemed more attractive than those who don’t.

So, next time you fall for that one guy, make sure to check whether he’s wearing blue or perhaps black.

2. You tend to be attracted to people who look like you

This one might sound a little bit narcissistic, but it’s true. You are attracted to people who look like you! Summarized, you are attracted to people who have similar facial features to yours and the reason for this is totally unknown. Perhaps we’re all born with a small dose of narcissism after all.

3. Birth control influences attraction in women

If you’re on birth control, this one might really interest you. So, women who are on birth control tend to be more attracted to effeminate men, whereas those women who are not on birth control are more interested in masculine, manly men.

The main culprit for this one is hormones. If you’re not on birth control, you naturally have a desire for strong sperm (no matter how weird this sounds) because of ovulation.

And those who are on birth control don’t have the same desire because of suppressed ovulation. (I hope this makes sense now!)

4. Exercise makes you look hotter to everyone else

I was really surprised by this one because whenever I walk out of the gym, I feel totally stinky because of all that sweat and I couldn’t possibly imagine that I look hot after a workout.

But, believe it or not, exercise indeed makes us look hotter to everyone else because of our healthy lifestyle and because of our blood pumping (when you’re as red as a beetroot).

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5. If you and your date are both nervous, you’re more likely to fall in love

Yup. If you’re both nervous (and who wouldn’t be on a first date), the adrenaline rush will get your blood pumping, which will shortly thereafter influence the release of endorphins.

And, as a result of all of this, you are more likely to fall in love with the person who you’re feeling nervous or terrified with.

6. Hot faces have the right measurements

Today there’s a golden ratio for pretty much everything, but you probably didn’t know that there’s one for faces as well.

Yup. People who have this ratio are considered to be better-looking, and therefore more attractive to others.

The ideal measurements are the distance between your eyes that equals to 46% of your facial width, and the distance between your eyes and mouth at 36% of your facial length.

If you have those measures, congratulations, you’re officially more attractive than the rest of us!

7. Guys with multiple female admirers are even hotter to everyone else

If you’re a female, you’ve probably been guilty of this one (at least once).

Apparently, guys who have multiple female admirers look hotter to you and everyone else around you, which means the chances are that you will fall for them, too.

It is because these guys are selected as a “good mate,” which means they must have something good in store (don’t get me wrong) and that is why they appear more attractive. This is also known as “Guppy Syndrome.”

8. How you smell determines who wants you

Your body scent basically determines who will be attracted to you. And if you’re attracted to them as well, then you have a chemically compatible match caused by body scent attraction (which doesn’t happen that often).

So, while you might be spending tons of your time (and money) on perfumes, all this time your body scent has had different plans for you by attracting specific people and bringing them into your life. Scary, I know.

9. Age is more than a number

Even though youth is generally seen as more attractive to everyone, there is still one exception regarding this one.

Guys and girls whose parents had them at an older age don’t see age as a barrier like others (who were born to much younger parents). I guess this one pretty much makes sense.

10. Your job can make you more attractive, too

Money and power are two inevitable aspects of today’s society and it is no secret that many women are attracted to it, and many men are attracted to high status women.

Women like to be taken care of (who doesn’t), whereas men like to enjoy the company of a high status women – they feel powerful because they are able to make them happy. I guess one complements the other.

But, keep in mind that good looks, money, and power can be hot, but at the same time a curse if someone’s personality is not in accordance with it.