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21 Rules Of Couple Code That Should Never Be Broken

21 Rules Of Couple Code That Should Never Be Broken

Always make time for one another.

man hugging woman in the kitchen

Life can get hectic but in all that business and mess, you have to make time for just the two of you.

And remember, it’s not about the amount of time you spend together, it’s about quality, so make every moment count.

Respect. Trust. Appreciate.

young couple lying together

These are the foundations of every normal, healthy and loving relationship. They have to go together and coexist.

A relationship is not worth much without all three of them.

Share your food.

man sharing food with his girlfriend

Sharing is caring and couples who eat together stay together. So if you have a bar of chocolate, split it in half.

If you ordered French fries and he is eating them with his eyes, offer him some. It’s all about the little things that make a relationship great.

Never go to sleep angry.

couple sleeping in hug

Always solve your differences within a day if it’s possible.

You have to realize that it’s two of you against the world and against all the troubles, problems and misunderstandings along the way.

It’s never one against the other.

Always kiss goodnight.

couple kissing in bed

You can kiss in the morning, during the day and whenever you want but goodnight kisses should be mandatory. They make dreams better.

They give you happiness regardless of everything you have been through during the day.

Say, “I love you,” every time you feel like saying it.

woman reading a love message

Life is too short to leave anything unsaid.

You don’t have to say it every day or all the time but you have to say it the second you think of it.

Play along.

young couple laughing

If you see they are exaggerating a little bit when retelling a story, support their statements.

If they are trying to get away from some party or some dinner they feel uncomfortable at for some reason, they will probably invent a story.

Don’t call them on that—play along. That’s what partners do.

Stay loyal.

couple in love standing outdoor

Sure, there are a lots of other attractive men and women around you and some might catch your eye.

The important thing is that you know where you stand, and you wouldn’t let something predatory endanger what you have.

You have that one person you are devoted and committed to and no matter who else comes your way, you will always stay loyal.

Say you like the meal they cooked even when it’s not so good.

man serving dinner to his girlfriend

So what if the soup is too salty this time. They are also eating it so they can taste the saltiness.

They will make it better next time. Don’t discourage them. You have to at least appreciate their efforts.

Avoid mentioning your ex.

young couple having date in cafe

The exes-talk is bound to happen at some point. But that’s a one-time thing and there is no need to keep talking about them in the present.

They are a part of the past, leave them there and concentrate on your present and future together.

Never trash their family.

smiling woman talking to man in coffee shop

You would never let someone trash yours, now would you?

Talking badly about somebody else’s family is never a good idea.

Give random compliments.

man complimenting woman in nature

Acknowledge their efforts. Notice the small, sweet things they are doing as much as the big ones and remember to thank them.

They are giving their best to make you happy and you have to be able to appreciate that.

Never include other people in your fights.

young couple arguing in the house

Your fights and disagreements are just between the two of you. There is no need to involve other people or let them interfere.

You are putting them in an unenviable and awkward position and you are forgetting that relationships are made for two.

Meet them halfway.

couple listening to music

Be yourself—that’s important. But also bend your boundaries sometimes.

Make compromises. Listen to the music you both enjoy on your ride to work.

Watch a TV series you are not into but your partner is super-excited about. They will do the same for you sometime.

Love them but never forget to love yourself too.

calm woman standing in the field

Self-love is where it all starts—never forget that.

Just because you are a couple, that shouldn’t decrease your-self love; on the contrary, it will only make your partner love you more.


two friends enjoying in coffee

Give space to one another. Don’t be too clingy.

The key to a successful relationship is that both of you have your own lives and the one extraordinary, loving and committed life you have together.

Keep in mind you are a team.

couple holding hands

Although you have your own things going on, remember that you must consult your partner on all the important decisions or life-changing choices you make.

Because, directly or indirectly, the decisions you make will affect your relationship.

Know their sweets.

woman surprising her boyfriend

This is the ultimate secret weapon you need to cheer your partner up when they are feeling down. Bring them their favorite chocolate.

Take them out to their favorite ice cream place. Make pancakes and put on their favorite dressing. Just by reading this, our mood gets better.

Remember the important dates.

couple celebrating anniversary

Don’t exaggerate, though; you don’t have to remember your monthly anniversaries or the date when you guys first kissed.

But you need to know each other’s birthday. And you have to know your yearly anniversary. Other dates are not so important.

Don’t spend too much time without sex.

passionate couple kissing in bed

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but it is just as important as any other part.

Sex on a regular basis makes you closer and increases the level of intimacy with your partner.

It also reduces stress and makes you more connected.

Never do something to your partner you wouldn’t wish done to you.

couple standing in hug

This is the most important rule of the couple code. And that’s all the wisdom you need to make a relationship work without exception.

Don’t do things you will regret, things that will hurt your significant other. Value them and cherish them.

Treat them as you yourself would like to be treated.

21 Rules Of Couple Code That Should Never Be Broken