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10 Things Couples Should Try At Least Once To Increase Their Intimacy

10 Things Couples Should Try At Least Once To Increase Their Intimacy

After some time, marriage kind of becomes boring because you’re stuck in a routine. You’re stuck doing the same things all over again. And this is the biggest killer of the chemistry between two people.

It slowly kills intimacy which is the foundation of every successful relationship. Okay, it’s not completely gone. There are moments when you can’t get your hands off of each other, but those moments become less frequent as the years go by.

You don’t have to be scared if this happens because it’s normal! When you’re living with the same person for some time and when you know how they act and what is their routine, it’s normal that after some time the excitement is gone.

Even though this happens, there is a way to prevent it. You have to take your time and try to build the passion with your partner, and thus raise the level of intimacy in your relationship.

If you don’t, it’s probable that your relationship will fail. Both of you can put up with non-excitement and boredom in a relationship for some time, but after a while it becomes frustrating.

This is how you’ll increase the level of your intimacy, and keep your relationship alive and more radiant than ever. The most important thing is investment from the both of you.

1. Give your partner some credit

Acknowledge your partner and the things they do. Maybe you’re not on the same page with them right now, maybe you don’t like what they are doing, but if they are trying and giving their best, then you have to give them credit for that.

Make them aware that you respect the fact they are making an effort. This will give them a pat on the back, and they will be capable of doing even greater things.

A person has to have a start, and by encouragement, they will achieve even more than they thought they were capable of.

And by making them feel acknowledged, you’re going to increase your intimacy level. Your partner will be thankful for your support, and they will pay you back by opening up and showing more emotions.

2. Sleep naked after sex

Sex isn’t the only form of intimacy you can experience. It’s perfect, it’s nice, but it doesn’t always involve emotion sharing and love making. Sometimes all that sex is used for is to get things out of your system and blow some steam off.

If this happens a lot, then the only way to increase your intimacy level is to try to share emotions. And there is a way you can do it. After having sex, just lie there naked next to each other.

Stay quiet and cuddle if you want. But don’t let that feeling pass. Keep it and enjoy it. This will increase your intimacy and put a new twist in your relationship.

3. Remember the good times and look into the future

Get that wedding album off of the dusty shelf. Wipe it, and relive your happy memories. Photographs of your biggest day will bring you back to the time when you were crazy for each other and when you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other.

Or if you’re not married, try to remember the good times—your first date or some funny or unusual things that happened to you when you just started dating.

This will bring that old happy feeling, that honeymoon phase back, and it will bring you closer together. Even when you talk about what you did and where you’ve been, maybe something crazy and exciting comes to your mind and you decide to do it or you decide to recreate something romantic or fun you did once before.

Either way, the intimacy will increase, and it will keep your relationship alive.

4. Keep eye contact

Never avoid your partner’s eye contact. The eyes are mirrors to the soul, and you can get to know everything about someone by just one look into their eyes because eyes can’t lie.

By gazing into each others eyes, you’ll create a bond that cannot be easily broken. Eyes reflect our vulnerability, and they give away so much more than we want to admit.

So, sometimes when you don’t feel like telling your partner everything that’s on your mind, or you simply just can’t, one look into your eyes is enough to make him understand what you’re going through.

Make this a regular thing. Try to keep eye contact in complete silence for a few minutes every day, and you’ll see how much you’ll find out about each other without even saying a word.

5. Laugh together

Share laughs. Open up your soul and your heart, and just roll on the floor with laughter. Nothing can bring you closer to each other than this.

It’s an experience that you’re sharing. It only lasts that one particular moment, and it’s never going to happen again, at least not in the same way.

You’re going to remember the time when you laughed your heads off, and it will always stay a happy memory which can still bring a smile to your face even months after it has happened.

This way you’re bonding with that person and increasing the intimacy level because the two of you shared something that was only between you and no one else.

6. Leave notes

Sexy, romantic, any kind of notes. Surprise your partner before you leave for work, and write down a note for him. It doesn’t have to be anything important, just something written down on a piece of paper.

A reminder that you are here in their life and that you love them more than anything.

We are fed up with screens and texts. Do something old-fashioned like writing down a poem or leaving a note on the mirror.

Or if you’re feeling kinkier than usual, write down on a piece of paper your sexual wishlist and how you’re feeling that moment, and leave him craving for more. Believe me, when you come back, that will sweep him off his feet.

7. Keep on dating

Always keep that spark alive, and find time for just the two of you. Whether you’re in a marriage or a committed relationship, you have to have time to spend with your partner.

You have to find time to talk, laugh or cry. The important thing is that you’re alone with each other and that you feel free to open up and talk about everything without being disturbed.

8. Public sex

Just the thought of this is exciting. Doing it in a public place will definitely bring excitement into your relationship. If you haven’t tried it and your relationship is starting to become boring, then go out there and do it.

And on the plus side, you have that fear of getting caught which both of you share in that moment that will also bring you closer together.

And if you do get caught, you’ll always have something to laugh about later on.

9. Break the routine

Routine is the biggest enemy of every successful relationship. You get stuck in it, slowly your days become the same, you get tired of it, and you want out.

This is the most frequent killer of every relationship. So, to keep things on the bright side, try to do something different every now and then. Bring some change to break the routine, and you won’t get sick of your relationship.

10. Love yourself and respect each other

You’ll be happy with your relationship once you’re happy with yourself. If you’re not satisfied with yourself and if you don’t respect yourself, your partner will look at you the same way. The negative energy you’re radiating will transfer to your partner.

This will screw up your intimacy, too. If things aren’t good and clear between you, you can’t keep your communication running. And if there is no communication, the intimacy can’t grow.