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10 Things Every Fuckboy Will Do To Lead You On

10 Things Every Fuckboy Will Do To Lead You On

Fuckboys are a special species that just have one thing in mind—to fuck!

They don’t care if you are married or you already have a boyfriend. They just want to get into your panties and get what they want.

The problem is that they have really good stories and they are great actors, so it is easy for them to lead young and naïve girls on.

So, to save you from tears, here are some things every fuckboy will say to get what he wants.

He will make you a priority


At first, you will be the one who he calls every morning to just say ‘hi’ and to wish you a lovely day at work.

He will be the first one who texts and the first one who plans things for the two of you.

He is just doing that so you could feel like you are on cloud nine and to think that you finally found Mr. Right!

Well, sorry to burst your bubble but this man is not even close to Mr. Right.

He only uses his mind games and different tactics to bring you to bed and after he gets what he wants, he will leave you like an empty can of beer in the street.

He says he misses you

Even if the two of you have not been dating for a long time, he has this awkward need to tell you that he misses you all the time. Strange, right?

I hope you won’t buy his shit because he is only doing that to make you trust him so he could take advantage of you way easier than before. Real fuckboy, right?

He compliments you all the time

He is being boring with all those compliments about how you are a beautiful, sweet and hot girl.

I mean a compliment is a nice thing and it will make every woman feel desirable but if a guy repeats it non-stop, it really doesn’t make any sense.

With acting like this, he just wants to win you over so he could control you and reach his goals once and for all.

He likes everything about you

If you are a rocket scientist, he would pretend that he is interested in that just to get what he wants.

You will catch him ‘Liking’ all your posts on social media sites, saying ‘hi’ to your friends and sending regards to your parents.

This guy really knows how to play a game but I think you are the one who will show him how it is played.

He calls first

Did you try to guess what time he calls you or texts you? Yeah, any time after midnight is good for his phone calls and his texts because he is horny as hell and he wants some nudes.

He doesn’t even mind if you are tired and if you need to get up early for work—he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

He initiates every touch

When he stays alone with you, he can’t keep his hands off of you. His favorite date is when the two of you stay at your home to watch Netflix, so he can easily start his game of seduction.

A little bit of kissing in the right places, a little bit of sweet talk and BOOM, you are down.

The next thing you know is him on top of you, reaching his climax and calling a name which is not yours. So awkward!

He constantly makes excuses

This man is unbelievable. He makes excuses on a daily basis and he is damn good about it.

So, the last time he didn’t answer your call and disappeared for 2 days is because aliens kidnapped him and used him as an experimental sample.

Yeah, right! Trust me: you don’t want to hear that some women buy shit like this!

He talks about sex a lot

Every time the two of you meet, he pays attention to your clothes and your makeup.

He says how well you look in that tight dress and that it turns him on to see you dressed to kill.

A man like this sees sex in everything that moves, so don’t take him seriously.

He just wants to satisfy his needs and he will use all means necessary to get what he wants.

He says that he wants to see you often

And guess what happens when he sees you? He immediately starts to kiss you and to touch you no matter where you are.

This man just wants to have sex with you and after he gets what he wants, he will dump you and find another victim.

He doesn’t want to settle down and he doesn’t want to put a label on any relationship.

He says that you are the most beautiful woman he ever met

I am not saying that you are not beautiful, but the problem is that he sells this story to every woman that is in his company.

This is one of the oldest tricks all fuckboys use to make women feel better in their own skins and make them have sex with them.

This pickup line is an old one but many young girls nowadays fall for it.