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10 Undeniable Signs You Have A Shitty, D-bag Of A Boyfriend

10 Undeniable Signs You Have A Shitty, D-bag Of A Boyfriend

You’re completely blind. You can’t think straight. Love will do that to you.

Sometimes that’s quite nice and cute, but sometimes that is what keeps you from realizing that your boyfriend is a complete dirt bag!

You are so infatuated with him and the idea of your relationship that you miss-out on all the alert signs of him treating you like a piece of s**t.

Sure, you get the feeling something may be off from time to time, but you completely ignore it.

Why? Because you are blinded by love.

So pull your head out of the sand and open your eyes. But, to help you do this even faster, here are some eye-opening signs he is a total shitty boyfriend.

He is unreliable

man talking on phone

He disappoints you every goddamn time. Whenever you are excited about something he promised you to do, you get nothing.

And on top of it all, you still keep hoping he will keep his promises next time. To tell you the truth, you probably already know but won’t admit—HE WON’T!

He doesn’t compromise

man refusing to talk with woman

This is pure selfishness. He wants things to go only his way—no other way is acceptable.

That is a huge alert that he is a complete a-hole. He’s showing you he couldn’t care less about your feelings and wishes. He only cares for himself. Piece of advice—LEAVE!!

You’re the last on his list

three friends drinking beer outdoor

Everything else is more important than you. He has to go somewhere important (doesn’t tell you where), he has to play video-games because they make him feel ‘relaxed’—relaxed my ass! These are all just excuses.

Get it into your head that he DOESN’T want to spend time with you—he HAS the time, but he doesn’t want to. Don’t be anybody’s doormat.

He takes you for granted

woman pointing finger at man

Everything you do, he takes for granted.

The fact you are going an extra mile to humor him and that you are super romantic—planning romantic dinners, dates, and trips—is completely normal to him. I mean, that’s what you are supposed to do, while he puts the bare minimum into your relationship.

I think that no one wants that—neither should you.

He is manipulative

couple in conflict sitting on the couch

He will make himself look like someone who is only trying to help you when actually, all he is doing and all he wants is to mold you into something he finds acceptable.

Do you want to be shaped by someone else’s wishes, or do you want to shape yourself according to what you want?

If it hasn’t yet, this will suffocate you in the near future and things will explode. Avoid the catastrophe and walk away in time.

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You are to blame for everything

man blaming woman in argument

You are the source of his failures—at least he makes you think that. Anything he does wrong will somehow be your fault.

If he failed at completing a task at work, he will blame you for meeting him the night before.

Seriously?! Do you want to be so lame and let that happen every time? I think NOT!

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He’s abusive

angry man yelling at woman in house

Maybe this one is too obvious to be put on this list, but you never know. Abuse is not only physical.

The emotional type is even worse. Don’t let anyone dictate your life and play mind games with you.

If you let them, they will do it, but if you show them they can’t ‘touch’ you by telling them to f**k off, they won’t be brave as in the beginning.

Emotional abusers are weak little people who suck the life out of people who let them.

Show your strength and scare him to death—that’s the thing they are afraid of the most.

‘I’m Sorry’ doesn’t exist in his vocabulary

sad couple sitting apart

Imagine someone being on that level of being a complete douche that he never admits he’s done something wrong. He’s perfect.

Come on! We are all the same and we all make mistakes.

The only difference between us and a-holes is that we will always be bigger people and we will admit if we did something wrong.

An a-hole boyfriend will pretend like nothing has happened because surely, he is impeccable. Tell him YOU’RE SORRY you ever dated him!

He doesn’t care when you’re hurting

sick woman lying on the couch

This is totally insensitive. How can you think that someone who turns a blind eye to your suffering and hurting loves you even one bit?

Maybe you’re making excuses for him every time he sees you crying and passes next to you like you’re doing nothing in particular.

Maybe you’re comforting yourself by making yourself believe he didn’t see you or he’s ‘too busy’ right now.

A real man—a man worth your attention—will put everything he’s got aside if he sees you are in a bad place. You deserve someone that actually gives a s**t!

He makes you think less of yourself

sad woman sitting alone in the room

He makes you believe you’re not good enough. He makes you believe he’s more than good or too good for you and he rubs it in your face.

That’s why you won’t—can’t—leave him. You think you’ve hit the Jackpot.

Let me tell you something. The only thing you’ve hit is rock bottom.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve—and this shitty person is definitely that!

10 Undeniable Signs You Have A Shitty, D-bag Of A Boyfriend