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10 Things Introverts Crave In Romantic Relationships

10 Things Introverts Crave In Romantic Relationships

You know how they are. The mysterious species we call ‘introverts’.

They’re so shy and they don’t like to be forced to work in groups or go out to parties. This might be a problem if you’re an extrovert but still love and appreciate your introverted partner.

So, to make it a bit easier for you, as an introvert, I feel like I can give you some insight into what an introvert wants from their romantic partner.

Sit down, have a cup of tea and let us dive into the world of the ‘complicated’ introvert.

Mindful conversations

If an introvert fell in love with you, that means that you’ve shown them the depths of your mind and that you have a lot to offer in conversations.

Now, don’t let them down, continue talking with them because they need it like you need oxygen to get through every day.

If you have something to offer, a different topic every day, an introvert will thank you.


An introvert isn’t an open book so that means that you will have to invest some time and energy to get to know them.

We don’t know how to talk about ourselves so you need to ask direct questions.

But, if you really want to get to know us, you will need to ask us about our opinions on certain topics and let us talk about things we’re passionate about.

Personal space

I know how cute it is to cuddle 24/7, but an introvert is not down for that.

We need you to step away at some point, to actually feel alive. We need our time for self-development, time to take care of ourselves.

Which means that I will shut myself in a room with my books, so don’t interrupt me!


As introverts, we don’t go around and cheat on our partners, so we expect you to be faithful as well.

This is something everyone wants, but, for sure, if you deceive an introvert, they won’t think twice about leaving you.

Don’t be overly suspicious

If I have a close group of friends with whom I spend a lot of time and if a couple of them are boys, you don’t need to be suspicious of me hanging out with them.

Just because I spend a lot of time with them doesn’t mean that I’m cheating on you, believe me.

I just don’t get along with too many people so I’d like to stay close to the ones who really like me for who I am.

We’re sensitive to conflict

As you might know, it’s not just that we don’t like raised voices, we also hate when we’re in a fight with someone we care about a lot.

This is sometimes not OK because we’ll be trying to avoid conflict at all costs and maybe even say that we’re sorry even if it’s not our fault.

We want quality time with you

If you keep looking at your phone while you’re with us, we might get extremely offended and just stand up and walk away.

You may think that this isn’t such a huge deal for us, but it is. If we’re on a date, then we want all your attention on us.

We want you to know that we love you

Introverts are not really the best at expressing their emotions, but I want you to know that your introvert loves you.

Just because they don’t say it that often doesn’t mean they don’t.

They simply don’t want to be too open about their feelings because they fear that they might get hurt.

Don’t force anything

I need and I want time. An introvert can’t just fall in love with you at the drop of a hat or even just do something for you that you asked them to do, because they might feel attacked by your outgoing personality.

Don’t try forcing them to go to a party or forcing them to do a simple task like meeting your parents. You might not know it, but those things are WAAAAAAY out of the comfort zone of an introvert and they will need time for that.

They need to think it all through. So be patient with us.

Silence is golden; you don’t need to talk, show it with actions

Show us that you love us. We don’t need you to have a big talk about our future, about how much you love us.

We need to see your actions.

With that, I don’t mean expensive gifts, I mean with little things, like being nice to our closest ones. Those actions can make me go wild for you, I can promise you this.