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10 Things Men Don’t Really Notice About You (Even Though You Think They Do)

10 Things Men Don’t Really Notice About You (Even Though You Think They Do)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been worried about your lashes sticking together!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been worried about matching colors on your outfit! (Don’t worry; I’m sure we’re not the only ones).

Last night I was dressing for a date, and I couldn’t decide which lipstick I should put on—the only difference between the two was that one was a shade brighter than the other one!

So, I applied the first one, and I thought okay, this doesn’t look that bad at all. But, then I decided to try the other one, and the answer was the same.

So, I just stared at these two lipsticks, waiting for them to start talking to me or somehow magically send me a signal which one I should apply.

Then I realized what a fool I am.

I mean, why I am even bothering so much about it because my date won’t probably even notice that I’m wearing one (let alone if it is one shade brighter or darker)?!

The truth is that men are from another planet, and they simply don’t see things as we, women do.

They don’t really notice all those details about your makeup, outfit, shoes, body, and hair that you’re paying so much attention to.

So, to spare yourself the unnecessary trouble in future.

Here are 10 things men don’t really notice about you even though you think they do!

1. Your stretch marks

No matter how much guys are self-critical about themselves, they will never beat a woman’s obsession about her stretch marks and “flaws”.

It’s simply in our natures to count and remember every hidden spot of our imperfections and remind ourselves daily of them.

But, the truth is that he doesn’t even notice any of it!

When a guy sees your naked body, he gets too mesmerized by it to even be able to think of its imperfections.

The only thing he sees and feels is you being naked, your beautiful female form, the feel and scent of your skin.

As a matter of fact, guys are actually happy to see your stretch marks (especially in your most covered places) because to them, this is something that’s for their eyes only—no one else can see it or know about it. (Weird, I know).

2. Your makeup skills

While you might be all fussy about applying the perfect amount of mascara so that your eyelashes don’t stick together, guys will only see that you have eyelashes.

While you might be all fussy about applying the perfect lipstick, guys will only see that you’re a woman, you have lips, and you’re wearing lipstick.

They don’t really notice the color of your lipstick or anything else.

They only see that your lips are nicely ‘colored’, and that they will have to be careful about kissing you in public, so that they don’t get ‘colored’, too.

3. Your choice of food at a restaurant

Sometimes women tend to worry too much about what they should eat when being with their guys.

You don’t want to order the XXL burger because you’re afraid that you’ll look funny while desperately trying to open your mouth wide enough in order to be able to consume it.

Or you worry that you’ll order too much food and appear ridiculous in front of him.

But, guys don’t really pay attention to what you’re eating and especially how much you’re eating.

They only see that you’re eating, you’re healthy, and you’re confident enough to eat that XXL burger and not give a damn about anything else.

4. Your extra pounds

While you might continually question your guy whether you look fat in that dress, he will instantly tell you that you don’t.

If you ask him whether you’ve gained some extra pounds, he will tell you that you didn’t because HE doesn’t notice it!

The only time a guy will notice that you’ve gained some extra pounds is if you become twice as big as you were.

5. Your new shoes (or any shoes)

Let’s say that you bought new shoes, and you’re about to show them to your guy to ask his opinion.

And the only thing he says is: “Nice shoes.” And the chances are if you didn’t show him, he will never even notice them! And do you know why?

Because they don’t pay that much attention to shoes (as long as you’re not barefoot), and guys’ dictionaries doesn’t have that much space for words about shoes.

They only know about the existence of SHOES—heels, boots, slippers, and that’s about it.

6. Your wrinkles

While you keep counting those wrinkles on your forehead or around your eyes and you even start seriously thinking about getting some Botox, your guy won’t notice any of it if you don’t tell him.

The only thing guys see is your smile and how beautiful you are!

7. The undyed, grown out roots of your hair

At the moment when it is a trend to have grown out roots, the real question is whether guys are even supposed to notice them?

Of course, they are not. (And no, they don’t notice them either way.)

The only thing they notice about your hair is if it is washed, if it smells nice, and if it is long or short.

Those details like grown out roots, highlights, and other bullshit are simply not visible to their eyes.

8. Your eyebrows

To every woman, her eyebrows are one of the most important things when it comes to face beauty.

It is because eyebrows have the power of accentuating and shaping your face in the most presentable way.

And while you might be spending hours trying to get the perfect shape, guys don’t really notice your efforts unless your eyebrows look like the Nike logo.

9. Your matching colors skills

While you might be worrying about matching your socks with the color of your panties, guys only worry that you still have panties (if you know what I mean).

You could match deep pink with beige and some green, and guys won’t notice it.

They only see that you’re wearing clothes, and the only time they’ll notice your matching colors is if you go fluorescent from head to toe.

10. That you’re not wearing makeup

You might go all crazy when you’re not wearing makeup, thinking that all of your imperfections will come to light, but guys won’t even notice that you’re not wearing it.

Even without any eye shadow, your eyes still look bright to them, your lips are still appealing to them, and they still see the same woman with the same beautiful face.

And when you apply makeup, they are simply unable to tell any significant difference unless it is something really eccentric.

10 Things Men Don’t Really Notice About You (Even Though You Think They Do)