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10 Things That Are Bound To Happen When You Have A Hot Professor

10 Things That Are Bound To Happen When You Have A Hot Professor

Like everything else, college has its good and bad sides. Studying, deadlines, exams and assignments can be really exhausting, but when you have a hot professor all of these things suddenly become a piece of cake.

You find yourself listening carefully to his lectures (without being aware of it), your grades are awesome and you wish the semester never ends. A hot professor becomes your biggest motivation and guide during the challenges of college.

10 things that are bound to happen when you have a hot professor:

You always attend class on time

Yup. You don’t postpone your alarm 15 times like you used to do before. You get up even before the alarm sound and you jump into your carefully devised outfit, running for life so that you aren’t a second late.

And when you arrive, you’re always there sitting in the front checking the expression on his face that will confirm his notice of your arrival on time. And then you feel proud of yourself for completing the most important task of your day.

You work hard to get good grades

And I mean, really hard. No more lying to yourself that you’re going to start studying on Monday. You work on every assignment like it’s your last and you pray to God that you succeed in getting good grades so that you can proudly wear the badge of his favorite student.

Sometimes you overwork yourself just because you want to astonish him with your pure knowledge and some interesting facts on certain topics. Good grades have become a must and you’ll do anything to achieve it.

You absorb his every word

Listening to your hot professor is like listening to birds chirping (except that you’re on college and not in nature). You pay special attention to everything he says and you try to memorize all of it.

You always make sure to copy everything from the blackboard even though the rest of the students are not bothering doing it. And you feel like it’s your holy duty to ask him to explain again something you didn’t catch.

You’re always the one answering his questions

You contemplate about all of the possible questions he could ask only to prepare your best answer on every single topic that comes to your mind. You wait for this epiphany to happen from the moment you got up in the morning.

You waited for him to ask the question so that you can reply with your perfect answer and make him aware of your intelligence. But, if somehow you’ve failed at answering correctly, that will be your biggest curse of the day and this curse will stay on your mind for the next two months.

You get caught staring at him

You try to keep staring at him at a minimum, and when you do it you make sure to do it subtly. But, sometimes you get caught staring and every time he notices it, you get a mild heart attack thinking that your life is over.

When the panic attack is over, you are able to get back to what you were doing. Staring at him becomes your secret pleasure and silent killer at the same time. You can’t help yourself not looking at him, but when you do, you can’t survive him noticing it.

You stalk him on social networks

You make sure to check his every profile on social networks. If someone asked you, you would be able to recognize half of his family (through pictures) and all of the places where he spends his free time.

You’re also familiar with his daily routine and you already know where he’s going to travel after the semester ends. Sometimes you find yourself imagining the conversation the two of you would have had you found the courage to contact him. And you enjoy it. A lot.

You always make effort to look good for his class

Having a hot professor means there’s no place for bad hair day or not knowing what to wear. Making efforts to look your best (even when you would rather oversleep the rest of the month) is definitely a must.

And you’re forever anxious whether he’s going to notice your tremendous efforts regarding your looks. You even get imaginary offended if he didn’t notice your new hairstyle you’ve designed only to his likings. And you’re assured that you have every right to feel the way you do.

Office hours are your second home

Before him, you didn’t bother attending office hours at all. But now, they’ve become your second home and every time you enter his office, you turn on your little brain scanner to absorb as much details as possible.

If you don’t have a reason to visit him during his office hours, you’ll invent one. Pretending that you don’t understand something has become your second nature and you’re a pro at it.

You contemplate a lot about him

You will contemplate about him when you’re sitting in class, when you’re at home, when you’re with your friends and when you go to sleep. You simply can’t resist his hypnotic appearance when he enters the classroom and especially when he’s writing on the board.

When he’s writing on the board, you know you’re safe for the time being and you’re allowed to contemplate about every possible scene that would occur if the two of you happened to be alone. And when he asks you a question, you realize that you’ve gone too far and you try hard to get back to reality.

You enjoy every second of semester

Semesters have never been this enjoyable. From the moment you get up, devising the perfect outfit, to the moment when you say goodbye till the next class. You enjoy every second spent in his class and even in other classes as well.

All of a sudden, nothing seems unachievable or too complicated. You are able to find solutions for every damn problem that may arise. And you secretly hope that he will give you lectures the next semester as well.

Till then, you assure yourself that you’ll somehow devise a plan on how to make him fall for you or how to attract him by reading thousands of articles on the Internet. And you keep hoping for the best.