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10 Things All Women Want In Bed

10 Things All Women Want In Bed

Everybody has different needs and tastes in bed, but there are some things which all women want in general. These things are actually essential for good love-making, so in order to improve your sex life, we gathered some of them in this list.

1. Communication

You don’t get any extra points for hitting the finish line—alone may I say—without saying a peep. Seriously, we love to be asked what we like. Not every woman is the same. Maybe your ex loved to be in control, but the girl you’re with now likes when you take things in your hands. Ask, check on us and really, really mean it when you do.

2. A partner devoted to our pleasure

Women are not your masturbation aids, period. Trust us: there’s nothing worse than being with someone who only cares about himself and the moment he’s done, he rolls over and passes out. Go easy on us, devote your time to our needs. The point of having sex is pleasure, but not the one-way kind. It should go both ways.

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3. Orgasm

If you know you’ll be too tired to pleasure us after you’re done, make sure you take care of this beforehand. Make sure your woman leaves your bed satisfied, and not disappointed. Seriously, it’s not rocket science. We want to hit the finish line, too.


4. Protection

Always be prepared—don’t assume we will do it without a condom, unless we tell you otherwise. Don’t pressure a woman to do it without protection or to take it off in the middle of the thing. Don’t look at us dumbfounded with your dick hanging out of your pants like you’ve never heard of a condom. Most of us will lose any will to have sex and leave.

5. Words please – be verbal

Show us that you like it. Show us that you really mean it. There’s nothing worse than having sex with a mannequin—this goes both ways, ladies! Tell us if there’s something you want. Tell us if there’s something we did well. Not everyone’s the same and we’re really trying for us to have a great time. Make sure our effort is appreciated verbally, even if you just groan and swear. It’s sexy, deal with it.

6. Take your sweet time – foreplay

Sex isn’t a race till the finish line; if orgasm was the only thing we cared about, then we’d be dating a charger for our vibrator. Take your time, undress us slowly, show us your passion, make us feel wanted. Enjoy the journey instead of just rushing to the destination, aka orgasm.

7. Connection – eye contact

Making love is way sexier when it’s intimate. Kissing and eye contact during sex are great ways to show passion, to deepen the connection and pleasure. We all love to hit it wild and raw every once in awhile, but there’s nothing as good as sensual and passionate love making.

8. Sock removal

Please, for the love of God, please take your socks off. It just looks funny if you’re completely undressed and still have your socks on, and it can take us out of the moment so easily. It also pushes us in that crazy tornado of anxious thoughts: What if he hates feet? What if he thinks my feet are ugly? That’s not a great place to be at while you’re having sex.

9. Enthusiastic cunnilingus

There’s no really need to explain this. It’s a yes from me!

10. Last but not least – a clean bed

We have a hard time enjoying sex if we’re laying on nasty, dirty bed sheets. Having sex on any potential food crumbs, sweat stains and residues of past sexual intercourses is not sexy. I repeat, it’s not sexy!