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10 Things You Need To Know Before Falling For A Stubborn Girl

10 Things You Need To Know Before Falling For A Stubborn Girl

She is hard to handle but she is worth it

A girl like this can sometimes be hard to handle but she is definitely worth it.

Maybe she won’t accept all your suggestions or advice but that doesn’t make her a bad person.

It just shows how she likes to think with her own head and in case she makes a mistake, she will know that she made her own choice and that nobody else is guilty of it.

She has a clean heart

She is stubborn and she does everything in her way but her heart is clean like a tear. She can feel deeply and she always wears her heart on her sleeve.

She is especially sensitive to kids and old people, so when she sees them hurting, she is always there to make life easier for them.

She is someone who doesn’t care about materialistic things but she pays attention to feelings because that is what counts the most.

She is honest to the bone

She is a woman who can’t stand being hurt and acting like everything is fine.

If you are acting like a jerk to her, she will let you know it. And trust me, you will feel sorry for hurting her in the first place.

She doesn’t know how to lie and she would rather say everything she thinks straight to your face instead of keeping it to herself.

You can love her or hate her but she isn’t planning to change.

She won’t put up with any shit of yours

Maybe she has a clean heart and takes care of other people’s feelings but she also knows where the line is drawn.

That’s why she won’t put up with any of your shit so be smart and don’t challenge her.

If you hurt her once she won’t give you another chance because she knows from her experience that guys don’t change.

If you don’t behave nice, you will soon be an ex!

She is strong and independent

You see, a girl like this is someone who knows how to take care of herself. She is strong and everything she has, she got with her effort only.

That’s why she doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit and she lives her life in the way it suits her the best.

And because she is independent, a lot of guys are afraid to approach her. But if she sees that a guy is the real deal, she won’t have any problem approaching him.

She doesn’t fall in love easily

But when she falls for someone, it is for her entire life. She has been hurt so many times before and she learned her life’s lesson.

That’s why she doesn’t get attached so easily and she doesn’t let a man into her heart so easily.

She needs to see that you are doing your best to make her happy. She needs to see that you are actually making an effort to win her over.

When she sees that you are the right man for her and that the two of you are compatible in everything, only then will she give herself all in.

She is extremely emotional

A girl like this is quite sensitive and she doesn’t have any problem in showing that. If she wants, she will cry over a sad movie and she won’t feel shy about that.

She expresses her emotions wherever she wants and that is what she likes the most about herself.

When she’s in a love relationship, she always wears her heart on her sleeve and she never pretends that she is someone she is not just so others would like her.

She overthinks a lot

A girl like this has a brain that works at full capacity all the time.

She worries about some things that happened a long time ago and she keeps asking herself why something had to end the way it did.

She overthinks when she is confronted with some life problems, trying to find ways to handle everything without asking others for help.

She can spend the whole day thinking about something that someone else wouldn’t think a second about.

She does that because of her clean and pure heart that doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

She swears on a daily basis

“Fuck that shit!” are the words she starts her day with!

She is a woman who swears a lot but she doesn’t do that to hurt anyone but because she feels better if she expresses her feelings in that way.

You don’t want to mess with her on a bad day because you could hear some bad, bad words from her mouth.

The thing is that for the right guy, her cursing on a daily basis will be quite sweet and he will know why she does that.

She always struggles to apologize

But when she does that, it is from the bottom of her heart. She is a girl who doesn’t want to admit that she was wrong.

But when she realizes that she really made a mistake and that others are right, she will say that she is sorry.

The catch is that she thinks that every time she apologizes, it seems to her that she has lost a fight and she doesn’t like to lose.

But after some time she realizes that we all make mistakes and that it is human to admit that we made a mistake and say we are sorry.