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A Strong Woman Doesn’t Play Hard To Get – She Is Hard To Get

A Strong Woman Doesn’t Play Hard To Get – She Is Hard To Get

When you first meet a strong woman, you assume that she is full of herself, impossible to please and too much to handle.

At first glance, this girl is too picky, too guarded and too challenging.

She obviously has too high standards and enjoys being chased. You think that this girl is an attention whore who acts guarded toward everyone who approaches her just to make them run after her.

But the truth is nowhere near this. The truth is that this girl knows exactly what and who she wants. And she also knows what and who she doesn’t want or need in her life.

Yes, the truth is that she doesn’t want to lower her standards for just anyone. Yes, she has strong deal-breakers which she isn’t willing to change.

Yes, she is very selective about the people she lets into her life and her heart.

But that doesn’t mean that she pretends to be someone she is not. And it definitely doesn’t mean that this is all a part of her game.

The only truth is that this girl worked hard to become the woman she is today and that she values herself, just the way she is.

The truth is that she knows her worth and that she won’t settle for less than she deserves.

So I guess that she doesn’t play hard to get — she is hard to get. And you’ll just have to deal with that.

Don’t get me wrong — this doesn’t mean that this girl wants you to beg for her attention or love.

It doesn’t mean that she needs your expensive presents or that she expects to become the only person you care about overnight.

This doesn’t mean that she expects to be above you in any way in your relationship. She doesn’t want you treating her like a queen or for you to be grateful that she even gave you a chance.

But what she does want is for you to spoil her with loyalty. What she does want is for her to be your number one priority and someone you treat with special care.

Trust me — a strong woman like her will never settle for being your second choice .

She will never allow you to play mind games with her and the last thing she’ll do is waste her time or energy on decrypting your mixed signals or decoding your feelings for her.

She won’t settle for an immature boy who isn’t sure about what he wants and who expects her to lead him through life.

She doesn’t want a guy who will act like a child; she needs a teammate and a partner in crime.

She needs someone mature and strong enough to keep up with her instead of holding her back or trying to put her down.

Someone who won’t be intimidated by her independence and someone who won’t expect her to change just to please him.

I’m not going to lie to you- winning this girl over isn’t a piece of cake and if you want to have her, you’ll have to put some effort into it.

You’ll have to show her that you are worthy of her and that your intentions are serious and honest.

Remember that she doesn’t mind being single. Instead, she rocks at it and she won’t trade her single life for a miserable relationship.

She won’t give up her freedom for someone who wants to cage her and who tries to control her.

So, the next time a woman like this turns you down, it is not a sign for you to try harder.

It is not a game in which she wants to see if you are interested enough and it is not a way for her to boost her ego or confidence level.

The next time a woman like this turns you down, it means that you are not the man she could picture herself with.

It means that you don’t have what it takes to be her Mr. Right.

No, this doesn’t make her cocky or pretentious. Remember that it is her right to say no to someone she doesn’t see herself next to.

And there is nothing you can do about it.