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To All The Single Moms Out There: You Are True Heroes

To All The Single Moms Out There: You Are True Heroes

Being a mom is hard but being a single mom is the hardest job in the world .

You are left all on your own with lots of emotional pain that you need to put up with and a child who needs you more than ever.

And every day you catch yourself crying your eyes out because life was so unfair to you, but then you see two bright eyes looking at you and asking if you are okay.

So, you stand up, summon up the last bit of strength you have and tell your child that mommy is okay and that you weren’t actually crying—something fell into your eye .

You lie to your child—not being able to believe in your own lie—but you don’t want to hurt him because you don’t want him to suffer just like you.

You don’t want him to miss his father figure, so you always go the extra mile to make up for the love he is not receiving from a so-called dad.

Because there is a man out there who is his father but your son will never call him ‘dad’. Dads don’t do things like that. They don’t make moms sad and they never leave their kids.

Dads are there to tuck their kids in every night and to kiss them goodnight. They come to every football game and are their kid’s biggest fan.

Dads carry their kids on their shoulders and make them feel like they can conquer the world because they are so high.

Dads make kids feel so special and so unique. But when there is no dad to do all these things, one parent has to.

And in this case, those are the single moms. They carry the heavy burden on their backs but they never say it is hard for them.

They are so good at multitasking, doing things they thought they will never be capable of.

They are tired from all the work they have to do alone but they never talk about that.

The single moms don’t talk about the 2 jobs they have to do to pay the bills and the rent .

They don’t talk about all the emotional pain that is inside them and about all the love they still have, but there is nobody to reciprocate it.

They pretend that they are the strongest women in public but once they come home to their 4 walls, they fall apart into a million shattered pieces—pieces that can’t be stuck back together no matter what happens.  

And they live like that—like everything is normal and they have a dream life.

Single moms are true heroes but others don’t see that. It is simple to gossip about and judge them but once you get to be in their shoes, you will see that their every day is a constant battle.

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It is a battle for their lives and for that little creature that admires them, thinking that they are powerful and that they can solve any problem.

And just because of those huge eyes and that smile that can make your day, you, the single moms, fight as twice as you can.

You fight to give them all they need, to provide them with love, affection and advice.

You work 2 jobs because you know that alimony is not enough. You simply don’t want to disappoint your children more that they are already disappointed.

You hate to see the tears in their eyes when they see other families go to the park together and after that head to their homes.

And you hate that you can’t find a valid reason to explain why your family doesn’t go home with dad and why he isn’t there with you.

You have a lump in your throat, being on the edge of tears, but yet, you manage to make up something and tell your child that you will have fun with dad next time.

And with heavy steps, you crawl to your empty home, pretending to be the superhero who always smiles and feels good.

You try as hard as you can to be the best version of yourself, to be a dream mom to your child, but you know that it is harder than ever.

Then, when your child finally sleeps in your arms, you look at him and you don’t regret anything that you did for him.

You don’t mind being a mom, housekeeper, doctor, psychologist, best friend , waiter, and protector simultaneously.

You don’t mind doing all that every day, 24/7 and not getting a salary for your work.

You even don’t mind that you are the one who goes the extra mile because you know that your child will transform into a good person.

And all that is thanks to you—mom!

You are a true superhero and I know that there is someone up there who sees all your pain and sacrifice.

I also know that one day, you will see the fruits of your work and that you will be so proud of yourself because you did all of that alone, without any help. And you succeeded in it.

Your main project is finished and it is absolutely perfect because of you, mom.

So, don’t think that you made mistakes because you gave as best as you could to make things work. You were a magician, making things work that didn’t work at the beginning.  

So raise your head, you proud woman and never let anyone make you look down.

You are more than enough!

You are worthy!

You deserve the world!

You know that you have imperfections but they make you perfect as you are.

Your difficulties don’t reflect on your worth, because you already know that you are more than enough, so never let anyone convince you of the opposite.

I won’t lie to you and tell you that it is easy because it is not .

This phase of your life is like a roller coaster of emotions, a crazy drive whose end is unknown. But I know one thing—it is definitely worth it.

It is worth it because of those little eyes looking at you and thinking that you are perfect.

It is enough because of those small hands that reach out to you to protect them because they think you are the strongest.

They think that you can conquer the world and the truth is that you really can.

Mom, you can conquer the world with one hand while your child is holding the other one.

So, don’t you ever forget that you are enough.

In fact, mom, you are more than enough!

  1. Onlinepluz says:

    Hello Ronke, I read and re read your post. This is what I advice: your fiance has a duty to win your mom to a reasonable level of understanding. If your mom feels he is not humble enough.let him do what ever it takes. Humility is very keytrust me,you dont want to end up marrying someone who does not respect your parents..he wont respect you too in the marriage. Your mom may be unreasonable but true love wins all. Godwin needs to woo your mom as much as he wooed you. This woman raised you all by herself,so yes,she will be a little biasedyou guys need to accommodate that. If you do all you can to win her and she still proves difficult,then you can go to God in prayers,let God guide you. If your mom feels this man isn”t good enough for you,dont rush ittry and be a little patient,time will reveal if your mom is just being unreasonable or actually trying to help you see what you cannot see now cos you are probably blinded by love. I wish you all the best.