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All About The Romantic Girl: How To Date, Understand, And Be Her

All About The Romantic Girl: How To Date, Understand, And Be Her

In the hookup culture world, being a romantic girl is like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer’s day. 

She is all that this corrupt world needs. 

If we could sum up everything a romantic girl is in just one sentence, it would go like this:

“She is the best girl to fall in love with, sometimes misunderstood, and oftentimes a goal that many girls want to reach.”

This article covers all the bases and goes to the essence of all matters that revolve around a romantic girl, so keep on reading. 

10 Things You Need To Know About Dating The Romantic Girl

1.  Behind every hopelessly romantic girl, there is a dirty mind 

A man dating her will fall flat on his ass the first time he hears a dirty comeback from her sweet innocent mouth. 

It’s just to show that there is more to her than meets the eye. 

She knows just the right dose, that’s why her words never transform from dirty to filthy. She is never vulgar. 

Her partner will never live a boring day with her because she always keeps him on his toes. 

If he is a smart man he will hold on to her for dear life because girls like her are pure gold.

2. She will show her love in more ways than one 

Simply saying “I love you” isn’t enough for her. She believes that true love is shown through actions. 

That’s why she will do a million little things for the man she loves. 

Handwritten letters, good night paragraphs, little notes on Post-its all over the apartment, chocolates in his laptop bag, Greek omelet for breakfast, cute texts – these are just some of the romantic gestures she will shower a man she cares for with. 

3. Her gifts are the most thoughtful ones

She never does last-minute shopping for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or her boo’s birthday. 

She listens, pays attention to her significant other’s likes and dislikes, and she always knows what the perfect present for him is. 

One T-shirt related to a new series on TV he is obsessing about coming right up. 

4. She makes the simple things in life amazing 

She will do all the cute romantic things she can think of to make her significant other happy. 

She will transform something as simple as watching a movie into a private movie theater experience with popcorn, snacks, drinks, and some cuddling in between. 

She will make a trip to the grocery store an adventure. 

She will make a simple road trip an unforgettable experience. 

She will drop by with some beers just to surprise him. 

She knows how to create a perfect love story every man secretly dreams of.  

5. She holds the keys to a male heart 

It’s all quite simple actually. The key is in listening. 

Men love to be heard and sometimes that’s even more important than sex. This she knows well.  

If he’s had a hard day at work, she will do her best to cheer him up. If he has something he is passionate about, she will be supportive.

Men like to be heard and feel like they matter to their significant other. If they don’t, they search for their happiness elsewhere. 

6. Material things can’t make her happy 

A romantic girl is a rare species. 

Unlike a lot of other women, she knows that shoes, bags, clothes, and shopping in general are just short term thrills. 

Those things can’t fill a heart with joy. Expensive cars, a penthouse apartment, and luxury vacations just don’t do it for her. 

She wants someone who will join her in her adventures, even if they are on foot. 

She wants to make a person her home and live in their heart.

She wants a hug so tight that it’s all the vacationing she will ever need.  

She wants romantic bedtime stories and emotional love letters. 

7. She will take the stress and tension away from her SO’s life in any way she can

The romantic way is the only way to go if you ask her.

She has her way of dealing with things like stress, anxiety, and burnout when it comes to her own life, as well as when making life easier on her SO.

She believes that physical closeness and small romantic gestures can make someone’s day a whole lot better, and she is right. 

Holding hands, hugging, kissing, and cuddling help people relieve tension and accumulated stress. 

At the same time, she is de-stressing herself because she enjoys all of these little displays of attention way too much. 

When it comes to romantic gestures, it doesn’t have to be anything over the top. 

She doesn’t have to write an actual love letter, but she can slip a tiny cute note in her boyfriend’s pocket that will make his day. 

She can send a cute text to make him smile at work. She can plan a date night that will make him forget about everything else. 

She can plan a weekend where they can unwind and relax because she will feel the need to do so. 

8.  She has a forgiving and understanding nature 

She chooses her battles wisely. 

There are certain things she will let slide and she will react to things that really hurt and bother her. 

Also, she will try to put herself in her boyfriend’s shoes before judging him. She will take a heartfelt apology, but she won’t tolerate any BS excuses. 

All a romantic girl needs is to see that he is genuinely sorry and a promise he will do his best not to repeat his mistake. 

She doesn’t hold grudges and she won’t rub anything in his face with every next fight. Men can really respect that.

9. She believes in happily ever after

Her notion of relationships might seem naive and fairytale-like, but that’s exactly what makes her stand out from all the other girls.

She believes in true love. 

In her eyes, that love is unconditional but always reciprocated.   

She believes in fixing things instead of giving up. 

That belief has cost her a lot in the past because she only throws in the towel when it’s too late and she is broken. 

In spite of it all, she still believes in true love and she isn’t about to give up on it. 

All she needs is a romantic guy who shares her beliefs and views on love to have her happily ever after. 

10. She needs at least half of what she is giving in return 

She sometimes tries so hard and invests wholeheartedly in a relationship that she gets drained. 

She needs to know that her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. She needs to see that the other side cares. She needs warmth and romance back. 

A man dating her would be a fool not to show his romantic side. 

She needs only those little things in life to make her happy. 

6 Things To Understand About A Romantic Girl 

Hopeless romantics are often misunderstood. They are labeled as romantic and people don’t see much past that. 

They are viewed as damsels in distress looking for prince charming and their perfect love story. 

But there’s so much more to this amazing girl than meets the eye. 

1. She is in love with being in love 

She is in love with the whole concept of love. She wants a relationship, but not at all costs. 

Falling in love comes to her easy as breathing, but that doesn’t mean she will look for a soulmate in every man she dates. 

2. Her role of the best friend overshadows her role as lover 

Having both a best friend and lover in one woman is what almost every man dreams of. 

It’s true they do dream about her, but in real life, they don’t know how to appreciate her pure and romantic soul. 

More often than not, she gets friend-zoned or taken for granted. 

3. Her limits are real 

Sadly, more often than not, her understanding and forgiving nature is taken for granted. 

A man dating her starts to think that he can get away with anything. 

So he doesn’t text when he said he will. He cancels dates the last minute. He comes over only when it’s convenient for him. 

He keeps on putting her last on his priority list, but he will be shocked at some point. 

Because sooner or later there will come a point where she’ll say enough is enough. 

4. Sometimes she feels like she is a magnet for assholes

She wants a stable and committed relationship, but it seems like for a better part of her life, the only ones chasing her are players. 

As soon as she gets her hopes up that this might be it, they are out of the door. Her love life often feels like an emotional mess. 

But she knows that God will show her the way and guide her to her forever person.

She knows that there is a soul out there as romantic as hers who will give her the harmonious love life she deserves. 

5. She believes in love no matter what 

Her soft heart has been broken and hurt so many times, but it will always believe in love. 

There is someone out there made just for her and she strongly believes that. 

The best part of being that romantic is that she is filled with so much contagious optimism.

People are naturally drawn to her and like to spend time near her to have some of that much-needed positivity rub off on them. 

6. She needs a romantic guy 

She needs a guy who is similar to her in more ways than one, someone who shares her beliefs and notions.

She needs somebody who doesn’t run away at first sight of commitment.

She needs someone who will make an effort, even if it’s the minimal ones like googling ‘romantic things to do for your girlfriend’

She needs someone she can plan a future with.

Someone who will want to take her out on a date next week and someone who will think of the cutest baby names they can give their children. 

At the end of the day, all she needs is someone who will show her that he is there to stay and not going anywhere.

How to Be a Romantic Girl?

Not all women are born with a romantic side and while some are okay with that, other ones want to learn. 

They have been so independent and self-sufficient that it scares men off. They feel unwanted and not needed.  

Those women realized that romance is the very thing that will tie them to their partner. 

If you are one of those women, we are here to provide you with a guide on how to become a romantic girl: 

1.  Learn to listen to your partner 

As previously mentioned, listening skills will pave the way to a man’s heart. 

Even recent studies show that most men list lack of emotional support as the most common reason why they cheat.   

They need to feel that somebody cares as much as romantic women do. 

That’s why the first step, and the most important one,  to building your romance is improving your listening skills, finding out your partner’s interests and aspirations. 

He will eat from the palm of your hand if he notices that you have been paying attention to what he has been saying. 

If his words matter, he matters and that is what it’s all about. 

2. Let him know how you feel 

Men are not really good at picking up clues and reading between the lines. If you want him to know how you feel, you have to tell him. 

And no, that doesn’t mean texting or saying ‘I love you’ every chance you get. Have a more subtle approach. 

Tell him something along the lines of “I can’t stop thinking about you,” “I can’t wait to see you again,” ” When I’m with you, time flies,” etc. 

Be creative and imaginative. As you are getting to know your partner better, you will come up with some cute and unique things to say on your own. 

3. Compliment away

Who doesn’t like compliments, right? Men surely do, even though they will never openly admit it.

Especially those macho American guys who are too manly for that. 

No matter the type of guy you are dating, compliments are always welcome. 

Tell him you’ve never met someone so intelligent, strong, driven, charming, and cute, and he will melt like honey. 

4. Have fun together 

Life is too serious as it is, that’s why your love life should be easy breezy whenever the chance presents itself.

A relationship is not a formal affair and you don’t need a touch of class, you need an arm-full of laughs. 

That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to be goofy and weird with each other. Make jokes. Laugh. Create fun whenever you can. 

5. When you feel the time is right… let him in

It’s not easy for women these days to let their guard down and let somebody in.

They have been through a lot and now they are doing everything in their power to protect themselves. 

But without letting somebody in, your relationship is not going to progress. 

By sharing your secrets, telling him about your day, hopes, dreams, and feelings, you are giving him the green light to do the same with you. 

Deep conversations accompanied by the occasional kiss and hug is romance at its finest. 

6. Never underestimate physical closeness 

Touching his hand while speaking, cuddling in the morning, and kissing goodnight are just some of the little things that make massive bonds between two people. 

Making love is also an important aspect of physical intimacy. It can be different in many ways to simply having sex, and it’s definitely more important. 

Don’t allow a day to go by without hugging, holding hands, and showing affection through physical contact. Life is too short not to do more of that. 

7. Small romantic gestures can have a huge impact

There is no need to jump out of a hot air balloon to show your undying love for another person; simpler things will be more than enough. 

Write “I love you” or ” Already miss you” on a Post-it and glue it to the part of his laptop. It will be more efficient than a love letter. 

Send a flirty text to remind him how good you guys have it together. 

Cook a surprise dinner or buy the ingredients so you can cook together. 

Go on an adventurous road trip together. 

As time progresses, you will create your own kind of romance. 

If you follow these steps even in part, results will be visible.

From someone who wouldn’t know romance if it hit them in the face, you will become the most romantic girl ever. 

Romance is the key to successful love life.  As you are headed down that road, you will start to notice how everything improves. 

Your partner won’t have any choice but to fall hopelessly in love with you.