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10 Undeniable Signs Your Man Is A Catch

10 Undeniable Signs Your Man Is A Catch

When we fall in love we wonder whether our man is a catch or not, if he is going to play us or love us.

That’s the person we are going to give our heart to, the person we decided to let in.

Of course, we want to know if he’s worth it. So, the first thing we start looking for is usually those bad signs, like if he is going to cheat, if he is a narcissist or emotionally unavailable.

But sometimes all we have to do is just look at our relationship from a different angle.

Take a step back and look at him like you’re looking at your best friend’s boyfriend and look for these undeniable and adorable signs that he’s a catch.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to see if he truly loves you and wants something real with you.

He has a life of his own

While it can seem like this could be an issue, trust me, it’s more of a blessing than it is a curse. Yes, in the honeymoon phase we want to be together as much as possible but what happens once it is over?

He has no life of his own and when you’re ready to go ahead and enjoy yourself with your friends and family, he gets all grumpy and blue because of it.

This leads to him becoming possessive and turning your relationship into an unhealthy one.

Choose a man who knows how important alone time is and who respects your friends and family and your need to spend time with them.

You laugh together

Couples who laugh together stay together. And if he can make you laugh so hard that you can actually feel your abs forming, that’s a good sign that he is a keeper.

You see, when life gets rough you need someone who can draw that smile on your face and you need someone who will also know when you need to laugh and when you need to just sit in silence.

If he already passed that test, it means that he cares madly about you and he’s a man worth giving your heart to.

He never holds grudges and is ready to openly discuss issues

You have no idea how lucky you are if this is the case with him. I dated so many men where I had to use every ounce of my strength and will just to get a single sentence where they would admit there was an issue.

Men who avoid the subject of dealing with problems but have no problem with rubbing your nose in them afterward are the worst kind of men. Trust me.

If your man is mature enough to sit down and discuss the problem, find a solution together with you and let the problem go once it is solved, you are one hell of a lucky woman.

He loves your friends and family

He remembers your mom’s birthday and buys game tickets for your dad. And he loves your friends and has no problem with spending time with them, because they are all part of his life now.

He was ready to let them in as well when he let you in, and that’s what love is about. When we choose to love someone, we choose to love their people too.

We’re combining two lives and creating one out of them, and it takes a lot of compromising and love on both sides. And well, those are the things he never lacks.

Arguments never turn into endless screaming

While there are men who completely ignore the issues, there are also men who are not capable of taking the blame when something happens.

Any attempt of discussion and problem-solving turns into screaming and yelling with no solution and no calm after the storm. If he’s not in either one of those groups, congratulations, he’s a catch!

You include each other in decision making

It’s a sign that he respects your opinion and wants to be serious with you. That’s the reason he always asks for your advice and opinion when there’s a decision to be made.

If you include him too, you two already have that jackpot relationship.

You’re not selfish and you make each other a priority, and in a world full of last resorts and second choices, that’s incredibly rare.

Your relationship is moving forward

And not just because of your efforts and because you’re the one giving parts of yourself to make it work. Real love is not easy and it takes work but it’s much easier when you’re working and fighting together.

If he’s putting in as much as effort as you are and has no problem with compromising, then he’s the one. A man who is not afraid to put aside his needs when love requires him to do so is a real man.

You support each other, you’re both each other’s biggest fan and that’s what love is truly about—to have someone who will have your back and carry you forward when your legs no longer can.

He encourages you to be your best self

Even if it means that you won’t be seeing him that much, he simply doesn’t want you to put your life on hold just because you’re with him.

He loves you either way and is ready to wait for you. And there is no better romantic story than the one where there is support and faith in a relationship.

He’s your best friend, lover and biggest fan, all in one. And he’s one hell of a catch!

He respects you

Respect and loyalty are incredibly important and fundamental in every relationship. If there is no respect or trust, there is no future.

But if he respects your needs, wishes and dreams, if he respects your worth and your past, he will never make you feel like you’re not good enough.

He will never leave you alone to wonder if he’s with someone else. And he will never belittle your success and efforts just because he needs to feel better about himself.

You are genuinely happy

That’s not something you can fake and you know it. But if he’s the reason why you have no problem getting up in the morning, because you know that you will see him that day and it feels like there are millions of those damn butterflies in your belly, you are happy.

If he never lets you go to bed wondering if you’re not enough, wondering if there’s something wrong, you’re happy.

And if you can imagine being by his side for the rest of your life, and it makes you so excited and terrified at the same time, you are happy.

Because love is terrifying, but with the right person it is also exciting.