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10 Ways Old Souls Love Differently

10 Ways Old Souls Love Differently

“She’s an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind.”
― Nicole Lyons

An old soul is a person who is young but has a different outlook on life from other people their age. They tend to be more grown-up than others and those people are always highly sensitive and they can feel and understand things better.

If you feel that you can’t sync with people of your age and that you are sometimes misunderstood, you might be an old soul.

In that case, you probably know that finding your soulmate can be a mission impossible and that in every love relationship you have, you always love a bit differently.

And here is how:

You are a little bit old-fashioned when it comes to dating

Romantic dinners, with candles and flowers and soft music playing in the background are definitely your cup of tea.

You simply don’t understand modern dating where people sleep with one person one night and with another one the next.

For you, communication, honesty and real love are what really matter and you crave them. Some might think that you are a little bit old-fashioned but you don’t give up on your principles.

You enjoy it the most when you are alone

Maybe people of your age like to mingle with other people every day but you prefer staying at home on a Friday evening, relaxing with a good movie.

You simply need some time alone to think about your life and to restart for a new day. It doesn’t mean that you are a people hater but you cherish your free time and you don’t like it when some random people disturb your privacy.

Communication is very important to you

When you are engaged in a love relationship, you really respect good and open communication because you think that it is the key to a successful and healthy relationship.

You know that by talking you can solve even the hardest problems and that your significant one should know your way of thinking. That’s why you are always open to talking and you don’t hide anything.

You think all people are good just because you are like that

You believe in love and in all the good things that come along with it. But you can’t imagine that someone would hurt you if they are involved in a love relationship with you.

And when that happens you are mad at yourself because you trusted people too many times and you have been hurt every single time.

You don’t care about money

To you, materialistic things are not the most important in life and you cherish all those small things that really matter to you.

You would rather get a love letter from your loved one than a pair of diamond earrings because the letter has sentimental value to you.

You are always ready to love someone no matter how poor they might be because to you, love is what matters the most. Money is there just to make our life easier and that’s it.

You don’t have casual sex

When you decide to sleep with someone, you need to love that person with all your heart to actually feel good during that act.

You could never have sex with someone random and then the next day behave like nothing happened.

That is something that you judge and that you can’t really accept. You tend to focus on only one person at a time and you want to make them feel special.

You will admit that you love someone only if you mean it

To you, love is something sacred and you don’t just tell someone that you love them to get them into bed.

You will say that only when you are 100% percent of your feelings and when you feel that you have found your true soulmate.

Once you think you have found the one, you will admit to them what you feel because you won’t be able to keep it to yourself.

You don’t want to live with someone before you get married

Since you are old-fashioned, you don’t want to pretend that you are married to someone just so you two could live together.

You want that to happen when you actually become husband and wife so both of you can learn new things about each other at the right time.

That means that you will know each other longer and you will be able to tolerate some things because of that.

You are serious about commitment

You simply don’t believe in cheating and you are serious about commitment. It is true that you need more time to get to know someone but once you feel it is the real deal you will commit to them without any problem.

You know that it wouldn’t be nice if your partner lied to you so you would never do something like that.

If you see that your relationship isn’t going anywhere, you will end it in a nice way but you would never hurt another person.

You don’t want to change your dating rules

You have your own rules regarding dating that you find good and you don’t want to modernize them.

To you, the whole point of dating is to find someone who can actually understand your needs and someone who makes you feel good.

If your partner tries to change you, you will just simply break up with them because you can’t stand it if someone tells you how to feel and what to do in love.