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5 Traits Of A Deep Woman That Most Men Cannot Handle

5 Traits Of A Deep Woman That Most Men Cannot Handle

In today’s society, the idea of a strong, self-assured woman who doesn’t let a man run the show is the main downfall of a man’s poor, fragile ego.

Most men are sadly unable to handle a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t let a man tell her what to do.

They feel threatened, seeing capable women finally rising to the surface, as if somehow that suggests exterminating men and their long reign in the world.

It really doesn’t. And it’s a damn shame that there’s still such a stigma attached to these deep, powerful women, that makes it that much more difficult for them to find a partner who won’t be scared to be by their sides.

It’s a rarity for these exceptional woman toThis woman will never mince her words!

She’ll always say it how it is. She doesn’t care that your weak ego may not be able to handle the brutal truth or that it makes you feel like less of a man.

She will never let herself be threatened by men to the point where she’ll feel the need to keep her mouth shut. She can’t be bothered!

If you don’t like what she has to say and you can’t appreciate her deep honesty, your loss.

This woman never settles for less than she deserves!

Chances are, she’s had her heart broken and confidence shaken more times than you changed your socks this month.

This means when it comes to love, work and leisure – she doesn’t settle for average.

She knows what she deserves, and she knows better than to settle for weak attempts at love.

If you can’t give her what she needs, and if you’re too incapable of being with a strong, self-sufficient woman, she doesn’t really care.

She’s too busy living her best life to stroke your fragile ego.

This woman cannot be played!

She will see right through your cheap tricks and your fancy mask. She will know if you’re bullshitting her, and she won’t be afraid to call you out on it.

If you try to buy her with lousy one-liners and cheap words that cannot be substantiated with actions, she’ll know, and she won’t have time for you.

If you try to fool her – the joke’s always going to be on you! Try her, but you’ll lose.

This woman is in touch with her emotions and isn’t afraid of expressing them!

She is one hundred percent in touch with her feelings, and intimacy is not something she will ever shy away from. If she sees someone she likes, she’ll be loud and clear about it.

If she wants something from you, she’ll say it. She’s tired of This woman only surrounds herself with people that bring her joy!

See, she knows that there’s no point waiting for somebody to change if everything points to this never happening. If you’re unsure or unable to get where she is, you’re not going to stay in her life.

It’s not her problem that you cannot handle a woman who doesn’t keep weak, uncertain, and flaky people around her. That’s on you.

If you want her – strap on a pair and win her over!

And if you can’t, too bad. She won’t consider it a loss. She’ll always land on her feet. And that’s the best thing about this woman.

No matter what life throws at her, and no matter how poorly you treat her, she’ll always rise above it. She knows that life is too short to worry about temporary people with nothing to contribute to her life.

A deep woman knows exactly what she wants out of life, men, and love. If you’re not threatened by this, you’ll be a welcome presence in her life. But if your ego can’t handle it, spare her the wasted time, and don’t bother trying.

She’ll see right through you, and quite frankly, she doesn’t have time for anything half-assed. She’s got much better shit to do.