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10 Ways To Spot A Psychopathic Liar

10 Ways To Spot A Psychopathic Liar

Let’s be honest. We all lie sometimes! We tell a lie because of different reasons, but mostly it’s to prevent hurting someone’s feelings. But, psychopathic liars are people who lie constantly because they feel an emotional and mental need for it.

There are some traits in psychopathic liars which are almost always the same, so here you have 10 signs to look out for in him, which might indicate that he is a psychopathic liar.

1. He lies all the time

Many people lie from time to time to make sure that they don’t hurt someone or to get out of an awkward situation, but a psychopathic liar lies constantly, about anything and everything. Sometimes it’s even about some stupid stuff, like telling you that the weather is nice even when it’s raining outside.

2. He has his own motives

A psychopath lies because that is the only way he knows how to function. Usually, it’s the dominance over a group of people or just one person. It’s just to make himself feel superior and in control. Characteristically, he tells the ultimate lie, which is ‘I LOVE YOU’, to make you feel safe just so he can make you suffer afterward when you find out that everything has been a lie.

3. He knows how to convince you to anything he wants

Lying is just like breathing for him. He needs it so much that he can’t live without it. He even lacks empathy and can look his victim in the eyes while telling a lie and be very convincing. He is a damn good actor and he doesn’t feel even the slightest bit of shame and is guiltless.

4. He plays on your sympathy

It’s common to see a psychopath play with the natural urge of people wanting to help out those in need. It’s not so unusual for him to act out injuries or illness. He will exploit the kindness of everyone around them, including you.

5. He believes in his lies

He may declare love for you with a rush of emotions like passion, but then just a day later, he can go running to another woman with those same words. His focus is always on the next temporary pleasure.

6. He always has trophies of their lies

He always tries to keep trophies of his deceit and to have them somewhere visible to always remind him of the things he did. If your boyfriend is cheating on you, you may find a necklace of his new lover somewhere very visible. He wants you to know that you’ve been deceived. This can also be something like being in a relationship with one woman while pursuing another.

7. He speaks a different language

Some of the usual phrases we use in our lives have a different meaning for a psychopath. “You’re everything I have ever needed in life” can actually mean, “For now, you’re fulfilling my desires and I’ll let you stick around” or, “Please, believe me” can translate into, “I will seduce you, although you don’t know it yet.” And he will use similar phrases which don’t have another meaning to him.

8. He is the master of denial

If you find out about the deceit he might try and convince you that you have been imagining things and that you must be the one exaggerating! If you ask him why he lied, a psychopath might just avoid the question with some stupid excuses.

9. He is addicted to his lies

Because of a lack of empathy, he has no desire to stop lying. His adrenalin and self-praise come from the fact that he has deceived a woman who loved them. And the amount of trouble he gets into won’t make him stop doing the same things over and over again.

10. They all have the same personality traits

Believe it or not but sometimes you can spot a liar just by looking out for the same traits they all have. Besides the need to dominate and the lack of empathy, they are usually very bored and irresponsible. Narcissism is also one of the main traits that indicate that the person might be a psychopathic liar, just like a lack of remorse. Also, a psychopathic liar is very charming! (Maybe that’s why we always fall for them?)