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A Letter To The Girl Who Thinks She’s Unlovable

A Letter To The Girl Who Thinks She’s Unlovable

You might think that you’re too much, too broken, too difficult, too damaged. But you’re not.

You might think that it’s your fault you’ve been cheated on, lied to. That it’s your fault you were rejected, left and manipulated. You might think that you’re not enough, you’re not worthy and unlovable. But, here’s the thing. Darling, you are enough, you are worthy.

You are an amazing, strong and fierce woman who is much more than lovable. And do you know why?

You’ve dated cowards who didn’t know how to be honest about your relationship. You’ve been told way too many lies. You’ve been told that it was your fault, that you were too needy, that you weren’t good enough, pretty enough or simply enough. And yet you’re still moving, loving and living.

You loved but weren’t loved back. You gave everything, but gained nothing but pain. You were left in the ashes of your relationship, trying to get back on your feet. But it’s not you, darling.

He left with no remorse, he moved on because he never really stuck around. It’s not your fault he was incapable of loving you, it’s his.

You were broken by insecure men who were afraid you’d leave. You’ve been cheated on by men who only cared about themselves. You’ve been lied to by men who didn’t know how to tell the truth.

You’ve been left by men who didn’t know how to love. You are not unlovable, it’s them who are incapable of loving.

You were left because you were the kind of woman who pushed him forward, who made him work, who spoke up and never left things unfinished. He left because he couldn’t handle someone better than him.

He left because he doesn’t deserve you. He left because he doesn’t know how to commit, how to love, how to care for someone other than himself. He didn’t leave because of your flaws. He left because of your strength.

So, don’t think you are the unlovable one. Don’t ever think that it’s you, don’t ever let anyone take your worth. Because you are a true miracle that needs to be admired.

You’ve been broken and yet you’re standing. You were heartbroken and yet your heart is beating. You’ve been through hell and yet you’re still flying. You’ve been hurt and yet you are here; you laugh, you dream and you keep on loving.

And don’t ever think you need to settle just because you’ve never had a real man. A real man who knows your worth, a real man who knows one woman is enough.

Don’t ever think that you are unlovable, because there is a man out there who will be honored to love you.

There is a man out there to whom you will be the sun and stars and everything he could ever wish for. So, don’t let the clouds hide away your light.

With all my love,
A girl who once believed she was unlovable