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10 Weird Milestones Every Woman Secretly Dreams Of In A Relationship

10 Weird Milestones Every Woman Secretly Dreams Of In A Relationship

These things seem so silly when you go through them. When you just enter a relationship, you don’t loosen up right away. You don’t feel comfortable enough to do what you want and act how you feel.

You aren’t sure what your partner likes and what he doesn’t, so you won’t risk it with your ‘everyday behavior’, as you don’t want to blow it.

But after the honeymoon phase is over and your relationship crosses to a new level, certain things come out into the open. You start feeling more comfortable around your partner to do things you usually wouldn’t.

Each and every one of these things represents a new milestone in your relationship. They represent one step further to being soulmates.

You don’t even pay attention to these details that much when you’re in a relationship but when it’s gone, you really miss that crazy weird stuff.

1. Entering the bathroom unannounced

There is a stage in almost everyone’s relationship when the boundaries become less and less visible. But that’s just because you feel so comfortable with the person you’re with that you don’t care.

Remember at the beginning of your relationship, you probably hated to go to his bathroom so you waited until you got home but now, it’s not so unusual that you go in and pee while he is in the shower.

Or he comes in while you’re brushing your teeth and does his business like you’re not even there. Yes, it’s gross and it’s super weird but it’s also kind of cute.

2. Farting

You know what I’m talking about. Everyone farts and you can’t avoid it but it’s not like you’re going to fart in front of your new boyfriend just at the beginning of the relationship and neither will he.

But imagine the scenario, after you’ve got to know each other too well, and, for example, you’re sitting on the couch watching TV and this embarrassing, strangely familiar sound comes out of nowhere.

What do you do? Are you going to freak out, get disgusted or laugh your head off and continue like nothing happened?

Of course, you’re going to laugh your head off. He is so relaxed around you and he loves you so much that he’s not ashamed to fart in front of you.

Maybe you’ll throw in a little competition later on, who knows? The point is, it’s normal, it’s funny and you feel comfortable enough not to be ashamed of doing it.

3. You share each other’s passwords

You won’t even think twice about giving your password to your partner. You trust him enough and you already share everything, so why not the passwords, too.

You or him probably just need it to check something out and not to spy on each other. You’re past that and sharing your password with the love of your life is just another milestone crossed.

Also, no matter how embarrassing the password is, he’ll say it out loud because he doesn’t care, because he knows you won’t judge. Imagine him telling you his Facebook password is XXL3861. I would personally fall off the chair with laughter.

4. Plucking eyebrows

I bet it all starts with: “Can you please just pluck out this weird looking hair in the middle of my forehead?” and he ends up with perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Once you start, you can’t stop. He won’t have any clue what hit him but he won’t be able to make you stop. Oh yeah and he’ll probably scream like a girl.

5. Snoring

Bloodshot eyes in the middle of the night and kicking him to wake up and pretending that you did nothing? Sound familiar?

Yep, this is definitely a milestone. I once couldn’t sleep because of him snoring for two hours. I didn’t know what to do. So, I pushed him out of the bed with my feet. When he fell, I pretended I was sound asleep.

He got back into bed and it bought me enough time to fall asleep before he started snoring again. Relationships, ha!

6. His mom calls you

This can be really weird. She is not calling him and asking for you, but she is directly calling you. You get panicky and you don’t know what to do. You have to answer it, because if you don’t, it would be so rude.

You ask him what to do, he smiles and says answer it. You ask him why she is calling you, he has no idea because he really doesn’t. That’s a weird milestone you have to cross.

7. You borrow his clothes

He gives them to you but reluctantly. That’s because he probably knows that once you wear something of his, he won’t get it back. And let’s face it, it’s true.

8. You wear no makeup in front of him

Oh, he’ll definitely notice that but not in a bad way. He’ll stop whatever he was doing and he’ll ask you did if you did something different.

You’ll act completely cool and answer, “Of course not,” although you know that this is the first time he is seeing you without your make-up on. He’ll think you’re cute and even more beautiful than before.

9. You use the same deodorant

You’re in a hurry and you’re getting ready to go to work at the same time. Brushing teeth together, you combing your hair and putting on makeup, him shaving and in the end , you both putting on deodorant.

First you and then him, it’s not a big deal, it’s super cute. Especially when you know that he doesn’t care about walking around all day smelling like a girl.

10.  He puts the toilet seat down

Yes, you’ve done it. He goes to pee and he remembers that he is not alone and out of courtesy to you, he puts the toilet seat down. Just another important milestone crossed!