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Dating A Complicated Woman Might Be Hard But It’s Worth The Trouble

Dating A Complicated Woman Might Be Hard But It’s Worth The Trouble

Take it from somebody who knows, dating a complicated woman is the best choice you will ever make. She is like a secret that you wouldn’t mind spending your whole life revealing.

There is something about her that captivates your mind and arouses your thoughts. She is guarded and she doesn’t open up so easily.

She will give you bits and pieces of herself but only once you’ve earned her trust. It will take time, that’s for sure. She will want to take it slow and gradually build a relationship.

Life taught her that good things take time. Every time she rushed into something, her heart needed stitches. She is afraid that the next time those stitches won’t be able to hold it together.

You see, she is complicated because life made her that way. It has beaten her and left her for dead but she has risen above it.

She is much stronger than she gives herself credit. In spite of all that she has been through, she still chooses to look on the bright side.

That’s why her smile is so radiant and so unique that it stays with you long after she leaves your sight.

Before she begins to talk about herself, she will want to hear your stories. She will listen attentively and soak up your every word. She wants to feel safe before she starts opening up.

But once she does, she’ll have so many stories to tell you. She will be like a book full of interesting and unexpected chapters you will want to read again and again.

She made a life for herself. She has her own interests, aspirations, and ambitions to pursue. The list of her interests, creativity, and lust for life will blow you away.  

What I like the most about a complicated woman is that she is not easy. She is approachable, she won’t shut you down when you want to get to know her but she will make you work for every moment you spend with her.

She will want you to pursue her, to make the extra effort and to stay even when everything seems hopeless. She wants to know that you are a man with a strong character who doesn’t back down so easily.

If you are really into her, you will be persistent. You will do more than you would for any other because a real man goes after the things he wants and if he gets everything with ease, he is bound to lose interest early on.

Her emotions are unpredictable. They fluctuate from high to low, depending on different situations that life throws at her. She might take it out on you but she will regret it instantly.

The better side of it is that she will be so much more understanding because of it. She will stay calm in situations where any other woman would make a scene. She will reciprocate with kindness all the low blows you give her.

Dating a complicated woman might be hard but it will be worth the trouble. All the frustrations you might feel will become natural. Because when she loves, she loves with her soul and that’s the kind of love that cannot be replaced.

The road you travel with her will be bumpy but at the same time so amazing and unforgettable that you wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world.

Trust me, I know. I am in love with a beautifully complicated woman.

By Owen Scott