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11 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Also Your Guardian Angel

11 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Also Your Guardian Angel

They were there for you when no one else was

smiling girl talking on her phone at cafe

When your world came crashing down, they were right by your side. When you feel like you are all alone in the world, they are just a phone call away.

It isn’t unusual for them to send a text right when you need them the most—it’s almost like they can sense that something is terribly off.

They are there through thick and thin and no matter how you feel or what you are going through in life, you know you can rely on them; you always could.

You are connected

smiling woman typing on her phone in cafe

You often say that they are your ‘soulmate’, ‘your person’, or your ‘better half’ and you actually mean it. You get one another on a deeper level.

Sometimes they will send a text or call you out of the blue when you think of them or when you are dealing with something. They can sense it in a way. Now, isn’t that angelic?

They have a way of making you feel better

happy female friends talking in living room

There is something in their voice and in their presence that is so soothing. Nobody can comfort you or find the right words like they can.

They will spend hours talking to you. If they have nothing smart to say to help you, they will listen. They make you feel safe and protected and isn’t that what angels do?

They think you are perfect just the way you are

smiling female friends sitting on blanket and looking each other

They wouldn’t change a thing about you. You might get on their nerves from time to time but that’s normal. You are not the same person.

But with them, you feel accepted, with all your flaws and virtues. They always support you to be the best version of yourself.

They look at your happiness as if it was their own

laughing female friends standing beside sea

When others were too busy being envious of your happiness, they celebrated it. They made it greater. They know all you have been through and they would love nothing more than seeing you forever happy.

They want good things to happen to you. They often tell you that no one deserves to be happy more than you do.

They have a beautiful soul and they give away their love unconditionally. They truly are an angel on earth.

They are highly protective of you even if they don’t admit it

two female smiling on seashore

They will never let anybody talk trash about you, they will stand up for you no matter whether you are there or not. You are their best friend and someone who doesn’t treat you right has no place in their life.

They get mad when someone treats you poorly and they always encourage you to have higher standards when it comes to relationships because they believe you deserve the world.

A guardian angel is there to protect and love you. What more proof do you need?

They are there to support and never to judge

two young friends chatting in bar

You can go to them with anything without the fear of being judged. They are not there to see right from wrong or tell you how to live your life.

All they can do is offer an ear that will listen, a soul that will understand and empathize and a voice full of heartfelt advice.

They know you better than you know yourself

Cheerful woman shares the news with her friend while drinking cappuccino in a cafe

You can never fool them. Nothing goes under their radar because they know you so well.

They can see right through your fake smile and detect that you are sad or worried when everybody else thinks you are fine.

Plus they know you’ll do something you shouldn’t, like text an ex, even if you say you won’t.

They know all your secrets

Female friends relaxing by street and talking

They are probably the type of person who will take your secrets to the grave. You told them your deepest darkest secrets and things that no one else knows.

You often joke around that they can’t stop being your friend because they know too much.

They are irreplaceable to you

young happy female friends sitting at cafe

You have other friends, they have other friends but the bond you share is something that exceeds all of that.

There are things you can only share with them. They are some places you only want to visit with them and it’s the same for them. There are some jokes that only the two of you will get.

It’s not about possessiveness, it’s about knowing that true friends are rare and that you just can’t get the same level of understanding or fun with just anybody.

It feels like there was always an empty space in your life waiting for them

thoughtful woman sitting on table

You can’t quite explain it but you feel like they were meant to be in your life. You can’t imagine anybody else fitting in with your life as well as they do.

They add to your bliss and they are everything you could ever imagine a friend should be and more.

The 444 meaning has never been as clear as now, now you have a real guardian angel in your life.

11 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Also Your Guardian Angel

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