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If You And Your Bestie Are SUPER CLOSE You Will Send These 12 Texts

If You And Your Bestie Are SUPER CLOSE You Will Send These 12 Texts

Texting between besties is something entirely different from texting with somebody random.

The way in which they communicate is unique because they speak the same language—by saying a little they actually say a lot.

The closer you and your besties are, the more there will be private jokes, your own words, and things only you get.

If you ever needed another half, your bestie would be the one. She is ‘your person.’

Surely we couldn’t fit all of that into just 12 texts, and the variety and intensity of the texts is something that varies from besties to besties.

However, there are some basic ones that indicate that you and your bestie are super close:

1. “If we’re both single by the time we reach 40, we’re moving in together and possibly getting a cat or a dog.”

You always have this as a backup plan if Prince Charming doesn’t show up. Even if he does, your bestie is your soulmate anyway.

2. “What do we think about this; do we like it?”

All the important and less important decisions you make together, regardless if it’s about major life-changing decisions or selfies you want to post today to Snapchat or Instagram.  

You know your best friend is your best advice-giver, and she will always give it to you straight.

If You And Your Bestie Are SUPER CLOSE You Will Send These 12 Texts

3. “Let’s sleep in one bed.”

You are so close you are like a married couple. One blanket can fit you both.

4. “Don’t even think about texting him. Oh God, you already texted him didn’t you?”

A best friend is always there to make sure you don’t make a fool out of yourself, especially when your love life is at stake.

But even she is late sometimes, and that unfortunate text or even a follow-up text is already sent.

5. “What the hell does he mean by this?” ( screenshot of the actual conversation)

You are involved in each other’s romantic lives to the point that when you meet your friend’s crush, you want to say:  

“Hi, nice to meet you, even though I already kind of know you because I participated in creating most of the texts she sent you.”

Also, this is not meddling. This is necessary because most men today send texts with so many mixed signals that you need help to decipher them.

6. “Text me back when you’re done with all the drama.”

If You And Your Bestie Are SUPER CLOSE You Will Send These 12 Texts

Although you are used to listening to each other’s pointless dramas, there will come a point when enough is enough, and this text is necessary.

There are no hard feelings. You know you are brutally honest with each other, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

7. “Why haven’t you liked my Facebook/Instagram photo yet? Are you sick or something?”

Just a fun way to tell your friend you need her support in the form of likes and cute comments…after all, she did help you pick out that pic, and it’s only right she is there first to participate.

8. “ I took your dress/shirt/ jeans/…”

In the world of true besties, there is no ‘mine’ or ‘your’ clothes. There is ‘our’ clothes, and you take things without asking. Anyway, you send a text to be polite.

When one of you is back from a shopping spree, the other one asks “What new things did you buy for us?”

9. “Is everything OK? You haven’t texted me for hours?”

When you don’t hear from each other for a few hours, all the alarms go off. You are used to being in touch constantly.

10.  “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha”

If You And Your Bestie Are SUPER CLOSE You Will Send These 12 Texts

Because… laugh emojis and simply writing lol don’t give enough credit to a text your friend just sent you.

11. “Love you”

As soon as you think about expressing love to your best friend, you do it. There’s no need to wait or think about if the other side will consider you clingy.

12. “ You: Vine?

Bestie: I don’t feel like it tonight, I’m super tired.  

You: Come on…pleeease…It’s my treat?  

Bestie: OK. “

If you ask for something twice it never fails. Your happiness is important to your bestie, and even if she doesn’t feel like going somewhere or doing something she’ll do it because she loves you and wants to make you happy.

If You And Your Bestie Are SUPER CLOSE You Will Send These 12 Texts