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The Perfect Girlfriend Is A Mix Of An Alpha B*tch And A Good Heart

The Perfect Girlfriend Is A Mix Of An Alpha B*tch And A Good Heart

When you hear the ‘alpha b*tch’ phrase, you get a bit intimidated, don’t you?

You instantly get the picture of a woman that just doesn’t give a damn about you and that rolls the way she, and only she, wants.

On the other hand when you hear ‘an alpha b*tch with a good heart’, you’re left confused. It doesn’t really fit, does it?

So, what’s the catch?

The alpha b*tch is this beautiful, popular, intimidating and confident woman who has things going on in her life on her own.

When being observed by somebody unknown, one could argue she’s the best kind of woman out there, but the worst girlfriend material. But once you get to really know her, she’s not so bad.

Alpha personality is something you develop through the years—some might even be born with it—and eventually, it grows to be a part of you.

You work hard to stand firm on both your feet in life, and then some man comes along and asks you to drop everything and devote your time only to him?

Well, anybody would’ve screamed f*ck off immediately. Maybe that’s the reason alpha women are considered to be self-centered.

The reality is much different.

She is 100% upfront with who she is. She doesn’t hide her strong personality and she doesn’t fake that she needs you.

She doesn’t pretend to be weaker just so you’d fall for her. She’s the one to hold the saddle strap of her life and nobody else gets to do that for her.

She is independent, but she can still rely on you.

She won’t be scared to cry on your shoulder when she has the need.

It’s the same with being strong—if she welcomed you into her life as the man she loves, she won’t hide nor her strength nor her weakness in front of you.

She’ll challenge you to be a better man. She’ll throw all these little hints trying to lead you to the better version of yourself.

She’ll constantly grow and she’ll be the one to pull you up with her.

Sometimes, it seems like she’s a pain in the ass, that she demands so many things from you and that you’ve reached your limit, but you’ll never break.

Because she’ll be there to help you.



She won’t let you settle for less in life because she has a good heart and she cares for you.

She lives in the fast lane and she has a lot going on on her plate. She’ll never settle for being an average person and she is the one to always strive for more.

But that’s what’ll keep you interested. You’ll be the one to run with her and you’ll have so much fun.

Being a passive person will never be an option for you.

She will never need you. Nothing you have to offer is unattainable for her. There isn’t a thing she can’t do without you in this world.

You don’t need to pay her bills, you don’t have to fight her battles, and she can live without you. She will never need you, but she will want you.

She will want your love and everything you have to offer because you make her life more beautiful. She will never need you, but she will want you and she’ll make sure you know you’re worthy of her.

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She won’t give up on important things in life. You might think her career is the only thing she’ll try to keep in life, but that’s where you’re wrong.

It’s not the career she wants to keep, it’s everything. She’s capable of keeping whatever she pleases in her life.

And if you are important to her, she’ll do everything to prove you that your place is next to her. She won’t be the one to break your heart.

She’s extremely loyal so there won’t be any need for your jealous scenes. Just because she’s surrounded by a bunch of men, it doesn’t mean she wants them.

She wants you and she’ll make everyone aware of that. She won’t be scared to be perceived as weak for loving a man—instead, she’ll be proud of it.

You know what else? She’ll beat her enemies with something even better—she’ll never hit as low as they do.

She won’t let herself go. She knows what self-respect is and how important it is and she’ll never let it go.

She’ll always stay true to herself and she’ll expect nothing more or less from you. She’ll let you be yourself if you let her be herself.

If you don’t try to tame her, she’ll know how to return the favor.

You don’t need to worry about her—she can do it herself perfectly. What you need to do is love her and let her be her.

Only then will you get the chance to see who she really is. Every night, you’ll thank God for creating her the way she is and you’ll pat yourself on the back for knowing how to love an alpha woman.

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