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11 Subconscious Things Men Do When They Fall Head Over Heels In Love With A Woman

11 Subconscious Things Men Do When They Fall Head Over Heels In Love With A Woman

When a man falls in love, he will do just about anything for you rather than telling you upfront.

It sounds a bit illogical, but most men are not so upfront about their feelings.

It’s not because they don’t have them or because they are playing games but because they feel uncomfortable expressing them, they don’t want to move too fast or they are afraid of getting hurt.

Whatever the reason for being so secretive might be, one thing is for sure—they won’t be able to hide it too long.

Their behavior will scream that they are in love and that’s beyond their control.

Without even knowing it, they will prove their infatuation and love by giving more than words to the woman they are crazy about.

When a man falls head over heels with a woman, he will act differently.

He will do certain things by default without giving them a second thought—his subconscious will guide him. If you are the one he is in love with, this is how you will be able to tell.

1. He will go an extra mile to make you happy

He will sometimes do things that aren’t so interesting or up his alley just so he would grant you a wish.

The best of all is that he won’t whine about it. He is prepared to step out of his comfort zone just so he could put a smile on your face.

2. He will check in at least once

He can’t imagine the entire day passing without at least hearing from you.

No matter what he has going on in his life, he will at least text and see how things are with you.

He will want to know about your day or tell you something interesting about his.

He might not have time or the willpower to text too often, but he will make enough effort to let you know you are on his mind and that he cares.

3. There won’t be any lame excuses

He might be busy but he will always find time for you. He won’t have the necessity to tell you some make-believe stories of why he didn’t do this or that.

He will try to be punctual so he wouldn’t keep you waiting.He will tell you the truth even if it’s not going to be in his favor.

He will stand behind his every word and if he has made a promise to you, he will do his best to keep it.

4. The time you spend together is all about the quality

When he is with you, he will be there 100%. He won’t stare at his phone if you are spending just a few precious hours together.

He will make plans for you to go out or do something new and exciting.

He might not do everything by the book but he will make sure you feel good around and he will value the time you spend together regardless of what you are doing.

5. He wants to have you close

When you are together, he will make sure you are physically close to him.

He will hold your hand or slightly caress your arm when you talk. There will be plenty of cuddling every time the opportunity shows itself.

His kisses will tell stories of their own. His hugs will be just right—not too tight, not too loose. He will want to be intimate with you both sexually and mentally.

6. He is not scared to talk about the future

When he talks about the future, he includes you. It might be something major like mentioning moving in together, marriage and children, and it might be something simpler like planning a trip or asking you to be his date at someone’s wedding.

By including you in his future plans of any sort, he is saying, “I am planning on sticking around. I hope you are too.” without saying a word.

7. He will never make the same mistake twice

If he has done something to upset or hurt you without any attention of doing so, he will sincerely apologize and do his best not to do it again.

He respects you and he wouldn’t ever dream of hurting you on purpose.

By not repeating his mistakes, he is actually telling you how much your happiness means to him and he would never do anything to jeopardize that.

8. He will talk to you about anything and everything

He will tell you things about himself that he probably wouldn’t say to just anybody—things that he might consider embarrassing, the ones that bother him and everyday stuff from his life.

He will also want to know everything about you. So don’t be surprised if you spend the whole night talking. A conversation will just flow.

9. He is his true self around you

He won’t think about every word that comes out of his mouth, so sometimes he might even say something that doesn’t go so well with you. But he never has any intention of hurting you.

He just becomes so carefree that his brain stops functioning properly.

He will also share some personal corny and not so cool things about himself, so you could get to know the real him. He just feels comfortable around you.

10. He will want to keep you safe

When a man really cares, he will switch to this protective mode and he will want to know that you are safe and sound at all times. He will come to your rescue and help you with the little things.

He will take your side when in an argument and he won’t allow anybody to talk down at you because you are his babe.

He will be attentive and worried about you, so the least he will do is say something like, “Text me when you get home.” “Are you feeling any better?” when you have flu will also be very common.

11. He wouldn’t even dream of changing you

He accepts you for who you are. He likes you with all your flaws and perfections.

The only exception is when he feels that something in your behavior is causing issues in your relationship.

That’s when he will feel like he has to say something and encourage you to reach some compromise. He will expect you to do the same when it comes to him.