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If You Have These 10 Traits, You Are A True Femme Fatale

If You Have These 10 Traits, You Are A True Femme Fatale

A Femme fatale is a strong woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it.

She has the ability to seduce any man she wants by being witty, clever, seductive and a little bit mysterious.

People often call women like this the ones guys like to chase but maybe it is not a good idea to have them in their life.

A woman like this is hard to handle because she is strong, independent and she thinks with her own head.

She will never let a man control her or manipulate her and she will never let him put her down, no matter how much she loves him.

A woman like this knows what she wants from her life and she won’t settle for less than she deserves.

If you were wondering what kinds of traits every Femme fatale has, keep reading because I will reveal some of the most common ones.

She seduces but doesn’t break hearts


Her main goal is to love and to be loved. She doesn’t want to break a guy’s heart and the only thing that she wants to do is have a normal and happy life.

But if she meets some narcissist or any kind of abuser, she will be glad to show him his place.

She will make him suffer so much that he won’t wish to have a new woman in his life for a long time.

A woman like this is not weak when it comes to showing emotions and affection but if you hurt her, she will make sure that she reciprocates.

She is mysterious

A woman like this doesn’t always reveal everything that happens in her life but she keeps some things to herself.

If someone calls her, she won’t immediately reveal who that person was but she will let others wonder whom she was talking to.

Also, when she goes to meet a friend for coffee, she will say that she has an urgent matter and that she doesn’t know when she will get back home.

Things like that make her more mysterious and people will want to know more about her.

She knows that if you reveal everything, others won’t find you interesting so she always keeps a couple of things to herself.

She is challenging

A woman like this is quite smart and witty and she uses all her potential to challenge people, especially her romantic partner.

She likes to have intellectual conversations and to express her ideas.

When she strongly believes in something, she will stick to that and she won’t change mind just because someone doesn’t agree with her.

She likes challenges but also likes to see how people will react once they start something new.

She makes herself a priority

A Femme fatale knows that it is very important to put herself first and to respect herself because if she doesn’t do that, nobody else will.

She knows that it is important to cherish the people around her but she never thinks that someone else is more important than her.

A woman like this has been through so many things and she knows that it is quite important to make herself a priority so others would see that she is not easy to handle.

She is charming

A woman like this is more than just a pretty face and a hot body. She has something special that distinguishes her from other ladies.

Her charms and intellect set her apart from the rest of the women and that’s one of the reasons why many men are attracted to her.

She is fascinating in all that she does and her knowledge about different things is quite vast.

She never shows off in front of others but makes sure to have normal and polite conversations.

She separates pleasure and business

She never mixes business with pleasure because she is a top professional in everything that she does.

A Femme fatale knows that she can’t have fun with her bosses and expect them to be professional the next day at work.

When she works, she is strict and focused to do all her work in the best possible way but when she parties, she goes totally wild.

She is a woman who knows how to enjoy and to work hard when needed and nothing is too difficult to her.

She is a great mom

A Femme fatale will not have kids just because it is some societal rule. She will have them when she decides she is ready to be a mom.

She is quite sensitive and if she can’t get herself all up in motherhood, she would rather wait for a good time to become a mom.

Kids have a special place in her life and most of all she wants to protect them and to make good and honest people out of them.

She has a sense of humor

Many people think that a Femme fatale is a strict woman who never smiles but that is not true.

Most women like this are quite smart and witty and with their capabilities, they make other people smile.

They don’t mind telling jokes about themself if that means other will laugh and have a good time.

Because of this trait, men find her interesting and they want to get to know her better.

She never lets a man determine her value

A true Femme fatale will never let a man control her or tell her what she is like.

She knows her own worth and she knows how much she brings to the table.

She will never let a man put her down because she knows to stand up for herself.

She is not the type of woman who will sit and cry because her man didn’t call her when he said he would.

She is much stronger than that and she never lets a man treat her without respect.

It is something that has to be earned but she doesn’t have any problem with that.

She is a true lady

A true Femme fatale is always a true lady. It means that she never swears in public, always acts polite and respects others.

She is the kind of woman who knows her worth and she doesn’t want to lose her good reputation by acting goofy in public.

She always knows when to stop drinking alcohol and what to say in front of someone.

She makes sure that she behaves like a lady and she treats everyone with respect.